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The change to shield-destroying moves that no one is talking about

The shield-destruction animation is gone. Instead of the shield actually shattering, it just pathetically vanishes now.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Is this a bug? @Ned?


There’s also another shield bug. When shield is about to vanish after this turn, it vanishes too early, before it absorbs an attack. I mean, it absorbs it in fact but it’s shown like it doesn’t exist already


I have a bug where only part of the shield appears and it looks really weird

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I’ve noticed that more often than not, and it’s a little disappointing. The animation was nice and the shattering sound was a nice touch. I hope it’s a bug that gets fixed soon.


The category was changed to Bug Reports, so apparently this is a bug.

Of course it is lol

It is still there for some of the animations but it simply vanishes for many of them (and often too early as also reported). I miss it. You also have some creatures which put up a shield by charging - which makes no sense; one of the rhinos I think.

I’ve seen that with Gemini’s shield, it looked like 3 hexagon cells.

Thanks for reporting this to us, Qaw! Does this happen every time, or are there any specific actions that trigger the bug? Could I ask you to provide the steps to reproduce this issue so I can send the information off to our team? If you can provide your device information as well, it’d really help us out.

All you have to do is use a move that destroys shields against an opponent that has its shields up. @PQC might have more details.

I’m using a Nokia 6.1