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The chat and the spinner

Well, I was hopeful, but when it comes to the chat I’m truly disappointed.
I love pretty much everything about the new update, not complaining about it and kudos to the devs.
The chat. It’s over a year old now, and at first glance it looked like it was working, but after keeping the app open for a minute or 20 the problems started occurring again.

  • Order of messages completely random. New messages appear on top (why!?) sometimes.
  • Chat scroll stuck at bottom. This was previously working a lot better, but since today it’s drama again.
  • Just assuming that some chats and dna requests are disappearing.
  • Inability to scroll up far enough to see chats I missed that are older than a couple of hours.

Just please, please do something about it :frowning: Make it a hotfix, make it a priority, do at least something to make it more manageable. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but now it’s plain bad. It’s such a pain to use and it requires endless reboots.

Another thing that’s really bugging me is that whenever I open the app from memory, there’s a fairly good chance I get a spinner for between 10 seconds and over a minute before the Reconnect button pops up. After I tap that button it works fine.
This is device or Android version related, as I didn’t have it on my previous Android.
Currently: Galaxy A50 (Android 9), previously Galaxy A5 2017 (Android 8 I believe). Never had the issue on an iPhone.
I know for a fact the connection is fine. Wifi, 4G, all OK, super stable.
Maybe there’s a setting somewhere that can fix this, but I can’t find it, and I doubt it’s there.

@Ned, I mentioned these things before in my “bug report” last patch, is there anything you can do or tell us about either one of these issues?


I would appreciate some confirmation of anyone else noticing these things :slight_smile:


Oh god yeah. Chat is pretty much unusable after a couple of minutes from logging in.


They really havent fixed alliance chat yet? at this point I think it’s a running joke, it must be to take so long.

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Yeah… You need over 1 member to notice this I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Too true, I normally talk to myself with puppets so never noticed haha


I swear some day in the future my son is going to use my show as evidence to have me locked away to get inheritance early haha.

But yeah I even send a video message months ago asking them to fix the chat, but clearly it’s not a press g issue for them, over a year with broken chat, thats pretty bad from a customer service view point.

Made this thread 5 months ago about alliance chat, amd it had already been broken 6 months at that point lol


Yes you’re right, the Alliance Chat ist very unstable :frowning:
And it’s very difficult to donate DNA.

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Same problem here. Alliance chat and donation bugs are still here and just as bad as ever. Why does Ludia claim to fix hundreds of bugs every update, yet the worst ones remain every freaking time??? I am losing more and more patience with this company as the days go by, and to think that I spent over $600 on this game almost a year ago. Live and learn!

@Stiffeno, I think you have some good material for another puppet video :wink:


Yes! We must see the puppets’ reaction to the rat ‘nerf’.

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Judging by arena, either Ludia is messing with Draco being drawn chance or people arent using it as much. Its pretty much the same. Draco is now a bit of a joke. Not exactly useless but lacks the oomp needed to make it an endgame dino.

Interestingly Ardent is still a game winner despite its nerf.

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This isn’t a rat topic.

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Chat to me didnt change. Friendlies seem buggy still. Donations are a mess in the chat. So what did they fix? A lot but seems too many bugs escaped.

I’ll bring this up with our team again. Thanks, Tielenaar!

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I agree that the chat issues continue to worsen. I can’t get a reliable message out to my Alliance and, if I do, I never know where it will show up in the thread. Even little things like starting a sentence with a capital letter, normal punctuation and spell check doesn’t work when it did before 1.10. Please help.

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Don’t worry Tielenaar!

Ned will mention it to the devs again so it won’t be long now before it’s fixed :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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