The Chestnut Knight

Support no longer seems to be working for me (wont let me make a new ticket, crashes game), which in all honesty I’m not really minding as of right now since I was pretty hesitant about sending this in as a ticket anyway. I’m not certain this is something so dire it needs to add to their pile. Just thought it should be mentioned.

Anyway, onto the problem.

It’s either the last or second to last docket for the fish quest where I got three waves of five to six Chestnut Knights (the last wave had a single Timberjack thrown in the mix I think, Axewing, maybe?), and one of the abilities that dragon has is ‘All fallen dragons 35% chance of revival with 50% health’.

That’s all well and good, except that each time one of them reached full spirit, one of their allies was always revived, and always with full health. There was never a time this didn’t happen. There were no percentages at play, it was 100% revival, 100% health. And it wasn’t a one off instance, because with three waves of only these dragons (and the Axewing), it was fairly noticeable when it was happening every single time.

I could get through the quest fine, it was just crazy to watch it happen so often. I also can’t be entirely certain that the full health bar wasnt a graphical error as the revived dragons seemed to go down a bit quicker, but at the same time, most of my own team had full spirit. It’s a toss up.

I personally do not have this dragon, so I can’t say if this also happens when you use the ability within your own roster. I also don’t know if this is something that occurs only within that one, singular quest. If I do encounter the dragon again and it shows the same behavior outside of that quest, I’ll either edit this post or reply if there’s any response.

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hi, if you notice, the dragons that chestnut knight revives is so easy to kill with one skill in one shot even at 100% health.
that is because it did had 50% of it’s original health.

example a dragon had 2000HP, died, and brought back by chestnut knight’s skill, he will respawn at 100% health bar, but if you see his HP details, it will show 1000HP, not 2000.

Hope it helps explains it.


For the 100% revival chance: You said „one of their allies was revived everytime“. Does that mean there were more dead ones? I don‘t know how it is in English, but in my language the Ability of Chestnut is described a bit different: „All fallen allies: 35% chance to revive with 50% health“. That would mean each fallen dragon has this 35% chance and if there are three fallen dragons, one of them dragons would revive in average, that fits to the percentages. The bot can be lucky, too, so if there were two fallen dragons and one of them revived, it would be totally okay.


When/if I get this wave again, I’ll pay closer attention to the exact details, and I’ll look at the HP itself to make sure that it is the case where it looks to be 100% health but actually isnt. However this would still not make much sense, considering I’ve fought other waves of Knock Rockets, and when they revived a fallen ally, the ally returned with the correct 20% health bar. Unless I’m still somehow not quite understanding.

If a dragon has 2000HP, is knocked down to 1000HP, should it not have half a health bar remaining? Is that not…I’m sorry, I’m feeling a bit stupid here because that seems pretty straightforward.


Even though I could get through the waves fine, it was a bit slow going. So this meant that I had one side of the wave getting constantly shot down, and the other side of the wave constantly reviving them. It was the same dragons that used their ability to revive the fallen ally every time the spirit would hit max.

I.e. Dragon on left hits max, dragon on right revived. Dragon on right downed, dragon on left wounded, hits max, dragon on right revived. Dragon on left wounded, hits max, dragon on right revived. Repeat ad nauseam.

This is, of course, a simplified version of events. But it was the same dragons each time. If I had just these two dragons remaining, this would continue for however long I would let it go on.

EDIT: Made edits for all sorts of spelling mistakes, goodness.

Indeed, that‘s very strange!

well i had not pay attention to knockrocket revived allies. as for the chestnut knight, i paid attention as i fought a wave of 5 of them and they keep reviving their allies full bar, but i find it strange that the revived one is so easy to kill.

yeah i agree, the health bar should show the actual 50%, not 100%