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The Class System Explained: How to Handle Healers

Now for part 2 of my explanation/slight rework of the new class system. For part 1 (focusing on the abilities associated with each class and how that determines each creatures class assignment), which I recommend you check out too, click here.

If you recall from part 1, I put Heal as a “Minor” Resilient ability, meaning that dinos with healing abilities are classified as resilient unless they have another ability. This explains why dinos like Maiasaura, Ouranosaurus, and Iguanodon are resilient despite not having any deceleration or shielding abilities. But this means that any dino with healing could be classified as resilient. Like Diloranosaurus or Diloracheirus, but these are hardly treated like most resilients, and these two are classified as pure fierce. Yet their healing abilities definitely affect how they play, and the role they play in raids.

My solution? Create a new class of dinos, specifically for healers, outside of the main “cunning/fierce/resilient” triangle. This helps differentiate the primary healing dinos from most other resilients, and helps players identify them for raids. Ironically (and helpfully) this means that the main roles required for raids (distractors, damage, shields, and healing) would all be filled by different roles, helping players build more balanced raid teams. The resilient/healer split would make them more similar to the “tank” and " healer/support" archetypes in many role playing games, MOBAs, etc.

As a side note, if they did this, the healing class icon should defintely be green, since all primary healing moves are green. Resilient can be blue (like shields!). Then, the primary class triangle would be all primary colors!

Here are the Healer class abilities, organized like my other post:

Major Indicators: Group Heal, Emergency Heal
Minor Indicators: Self Heal

This way, dinos that heal other dinos in raids are designated as healers, while other dinos that fit another class better but have a self-healing move would keep their other class. So resilients with Dig In would be pure resilient, not Resilient-Healer (unless, of course, they had a group heal or emergency heal). If I don’t list a dino below, assume it’s class did not change.

So, which dinos does this effect?

Primary Healers

Hadros Lux: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer
Many healer dinos have other resilient attacks, so they would remain partially resilient.

Diloracheirus: Cunning -> Cunning-Healer
Should explain itself.

Entelolania: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer
See my last post for why Entelolania isn’t Resilient-Fierce.

Grypolith: Fierce-Resilient -> ?
Since it has Fierce, Resilient, and an Emergency healing move, this is a really hard one. It could either stay Fierce-Resilient, become Fierce-Healer (since it has only one resilient ability and two fierce ones), or become Wild Card-Healer or even a “pure Wild Card” (talk about an oxymoron!). What do you all think?

Tenontorex: Wild Card -> Wild Card-Healer or Wild Card
This really comes down to if we want Wild Card to encompass healing or not. If so, we would define Wild Card as having attributes of three or more other classes (including healer), and Tenontorex would remain a Wild Card (perhaps the Wildest Card). If not (i.e. it only encompasses attributes of the main three classes), then Tenontorex would be a Wild Card-Healer hybrid class. Man, it really can do everything!

Testacornibus: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer
This is a close one. While it lacks any major healing abilities, or group healing abilities, it has three self-healing abilities! But technically it could remain a pure resilient too.

Tuoramoloch: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer

Bajatodon: Resilient-> Resilient-Healer

Diloranosaurus: Cunning -> Cunning-Healer

Dsungaia: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer

Megalosuchus: Fierce -> Fierce-Healer

Paramoloch: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer

Tragodistis: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer

Edmontoguanodon: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer

Schaphotator: Cunning-Fierce -> ?
Oh boy, another hard one. It definitely has both fierce and cunning abilities, but it also has a group heal. Similar to Grypolith, it could be either Wild Card-Healer or a pure Wild Card, depending on what Wild Card encompasses.

Maiasaura: Resilient -> Healer

Ouranosaurus: Resilient -> Healer

Edmontosaurus: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer

Meiolania: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer

Tenontosaurus: Resilient -> Healer

Iguanodon: Resilient -> Healer

Miragaia: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer

Parasaurolophus: Resilient -> Healer

Edge Cases: These could gain the healer class. All of these are cases where the dino has a primarily healing move, but these moves are self-healing. They also all have only one class so far, to avoid getting too messy. Dig In was not counted as one of these moves. All of these could be decided on a case-by-case basis: any, all, or none of them could join the healer class.

Tryostronix: Fierce -> Fierce-Healer?
This could go either way. It has a self heal, so it could stay pure fierce. But it has “space” to accommodate another class too.

Postimeterodon: Fierce -> Fierce-Healer
It only has a self heal, but that heal is 2x! If Tryo changed, Postimeterodon should, too.

Eucladoceros: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer
Swap-in Heal (plus Dig In, though I didn’t count it).

Purrolyth Fierce-Resilient -> ?
Whatever it gets, it should probably be the same as Grypolith. Unlike Grypolith, it’s heal is a self-heal.

Bajadosaurus: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer
Swap-in Heal.

Megaloceros: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer
Swap-in Heal (plus Dig In, though I didn’t count it).

Postosuchus: Fierce -> Fierce-Healer
Adrenaline Pulse.

Scaphognathus: Fierce -> Fierce-Healer

Einiasaurus: Resilient -> Resilient-Healer

As you can see, parts of this are messier then the current system, but other parts are clearer.

What do you think? Do you think a healer class should be created? If so, which of these dinos should join that class?

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I agree, but really just beause you said that the main colors would be primary.

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Yeah I would be ok with this change even if they didn’t make healers a thing

The satisfaction would be enough for me lol

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I would also think wild card includes heal, because it a… wildcard

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While they’re at it, make fierce yellow (ferocity) and cunning red (distraction). Then it would be kinda like pokemon, yellow beats blue beats red (electric beats water beats fire). But those are fine now too :sweat_smile:


That’s fair. It would make a few of them like Grypolith and Schaphotator much simpler :sweat_smile:

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I don’t really understand fierce being red. Red for what? Blood?

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It does match DoT. The icon looks like a bloody claw, so that works. But what is the cunning icon even supposed to be?

Some of these hybrids have just crazy move sets. Suchotater for example, Superiority Strike(Resilient), Lethal Wound(Fierce), Nullifying Impact(??), and Instant Distraction(Cunning)? That’s a wildcard

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Yeah that’s definitely a wild card. It has slow, distraction, and DoT (covering all three main classes) PLUS nullify.

How is tanycolagreus a wildcard? I don’t understand that

Oh wow, I just looked at its move set, definite strike on that speed?

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That’s a weird one. Definite strike is mostly fierce, but also removes dodge. So based on the moves the best argument is fierce, but it also is immune to fierce’s main weakness in distraction. So if a new player saw that Tany was fierce and tried to counter with a cunning, they might make the wrong choice. So Tany is a wild card not because it fits all the clases, but because it doesn’t really fit any of them. Purussaurus G2 is the same way. I talk about this more in the other post.

I know, right? It has a decent attack too. I’m curious how the next common tournament will go…

Yep, Binding Impact doesn’t really have a category.

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Yeah I highly recommend that you read the other post I wrote if you haven’t already. I think the link is at the beginning of this post.

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I love common tourneys! They are so balanced, no OP diplodocus, rhino, allo g2, or boosts. Just fun for once, they even nerfed miragaia(a bit) so it doesn’t destroy tanks anymore. When was the last time we had one?

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Yeah the next one should be fun, unless there’s a hidden OP somewhere. I can’t remember when the last one was. Don’t they often have them at the same time as another rarity or something?

Please Ludia, don’t destroy the only balanced tourney

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