The cloning of dinosaurs is close!

According to a recent report, remnants of original DNA were found in a dinosaur fossil.
They didn’t say it was possible to clone the dinosaur … but they also didn’t say it wasn’t possible. xD
Jurassic park is real! haha ha
for those who want to check the news:


Wow that is pretty cool!

Why is the linked post so political? It’s kind of insane.

why political?

Yeah I Heard About This Apparently They Dont Know If It Is DNA Because DNA Should Expire After 100 Million Years After Death And Full Decay

I think he’s just asking why all the other links on the page are so political. It’s a general news site, and they typically just show other popular topics on their site… which often tend to be political ones. Has nothing to do with the dinosaur article. There’s probably a better source on a more science-oriented site.

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How was it political?

Corrected the link :slight_smile:

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Hmm. Even though I like dinosaurs, I don’t feel like this would be a good idea… I mean I don’t think it would be a bad idea to bring back small Dinos like the compsognathus, but please don’t bring back Dinos that were bigger than utahraptor.

according to research, t.rex also shows signs of preserved DNA even after millions of years.
:japanese_ogre: hahaha

Don’t worry,

We are a ways away from being able to clone something from just DNA. I mean, we have a hard enough time with just mammals that are living that we have mapped their genome.

An no, Ingen doesn’t pay me to troll sites like this as a distraction while we secretly figure out laser designator systems attached to velociraptors to target enemies. :wink:


Yes, exactly @Mary_Jo!

Can I give my opinion? I think it’s quite possible to clone an extinct creature these days.
I even suspect that the government of some country or secret association has already cloned mammoths, Tasmanian wolves and even prehistoric reptiles and insects.
we may never see a t.rex devouring our dog, but it is not 100% impossible. xD

Yeah agree. And the chances of ever finding a genome complete enough to clone from is even more remote than the chances of finding intact DNA already is. As of yet, no one has been able to clone from an animal whose genetic samples weren’t collected when they were alive and frozen. And it often takes many attempts to get a single success…meaning a LOT of genetic material.

I’ll agree that it isn’t impossible, but we are a long way off. Last I recall, nuclear transfer methods failed on the mammoth due to degradation. We are advancing in things like cas-9 crispr edits, but even for that we aren’t getting closer to cloning, just rearranging sequences here and there.

I mean just look at the news and the struggles even identifying things like a virus. Sure, we can clone a dog with a dog surrogate, and clone that dog again, but we still struggle with certain species, especially egg layers. Even now we are learning what it takes for certain things to just hatch, and that’s contemporary critters like gators and sea turtles.

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Yes, they are more likely to use Crispr edits to produce a mammoth-like elephant than cloning a mammoth. Even that won’t be easy though.

Every animal seems to have new and unique barriers to cloning, from problems with collecting donor eggs (a big challenge with dogs and why they are one of the harder animals to clone), to animals like reptiles and chickens which lay their eggs being incompatible completely with the somatic cell transfer method that has been used with most successful cloning. There just isn’t as much incentive commercially with lower species as well.


Millions of species are on the verge of extinction because of mankind.
But don’t panic, instead of trying everything to prevent this, people are getting excited about the remote possibility to bring back species that naturally vanished one hundred and more million years ago.


Not to mention that we may not have the right climate to support as well.

That pesky iridium layer and extinction events and all…

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