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The Common Hybrids are not the best?

We all know that Labyrinthosaurus Limnorhynchus,and Alangasaurus are all excellent Coin Producers! However these guys are actually not really as good as we thought,they definitely are excellent in terms of DNA Cost,but here you go:-

Suchoripterus as well beats Labyrinthosaurus! Zalmodon is the highest of these

well they are supposed to be early game hybrids for a reason, and they’ll probably end up getting super hybrids eventually

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One of the more recent things we added to the spreadsheet was the coin rate for each dino (max coins/minute). If you are on a desktop browser, you can access the filter sorts, which let you easily see the top producers. Apatosaurus and Eolambia are the best (3840 and 3200 respectively), but yes, Zalmodon is right after those. The common hybrids are in the 800 range, but for the low price and fast hatching, they still are not a bad way to quickly bump up your coin production.


True! I hope Sarcosuchus S DNA is what we get for the next month! Right now I have about 1300 Tapejalocephalus DNA,2835 Monostegotops DNA and 615 Spinotasuchus DNA!


i need sarco dna too, i am so close to another diplosuchus

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Yeah! I have only been winning raptor and Kaprosuchus DNA

I have mere 300 euphocheplelous DNA :joy::joy:

ooof im lucky enough to have 3000+

the dna inventory got an overhaul i just noticed, it looks really good now


Level 40 dinos produce the most coins, by far, over the lower levels. A gap opens around level 35.

So, while all of these end game hybrids do produce a lot of coins, very few of us have the ability to build large numbers of them at level 40 any time soon.

The recommendation to build common hybrids for coins is normally to people who are beginners and struggling with generating enough coins. :wink:


The gap between Suchoripterus and Limnorhynchus is actually not that big. It’s only around 30k after 3 hours, with no decorations.