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The community didn’t vote for Irritator to be in the Halloween event

Guess Halloween won’t be worth renewing my VIP after all.


Wow, for shame.


Refresh my memory… was irritator even listed as a choice in the poll? I don’t remember it being there to select.

Yes, it was. I don’t remember the other choices but I specifically remember a lot of people being excited for a chance at irritator.

If it was there, I’m sure I voted for it. Not surprising it “didn’t win”. Not the first time irritator mysteriously didn’t win a poll, despite so many people coming out saying they picked it.

I understand not voting for Irri… but voting for SUCHO?? Oh my :joy:


Someone really wants Thyla.

Well I still think the proper Halloween week should be next week right? I mean Halloween is still 10 days away right?


I really want Thyla… but the problem for that is the lion!


At least the discovery incubator is interesting.

This is quite, IRRITATING!

I regret nothing


Wait until actual Halloween week before complaining?

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Big sad that we have no irritator for Halloween.

The Halloween theme is in the strike events this week. The dinos are also able to viewed in the scent. Irritator is not in the week, can’t you see that?


Obviously alot of people didn’t want irritator…

But why kelenkan?


New Cenozoic, dawn dusk spawn so not so common.

For the record I voted Kele, Irri and something else as all the other were meh.

Honestly this is the one time Ludia isnt who i blame… every community vote has given us alot of junk…

Ludia designed special events are normally much better… like the lunar new year event.

Alot of casual players vote on new stuff or dinos that will help them in the 3000s… theres only a small fraction of us in end game and we lose the numbers game to win a vote.


i’m happy about the bird being in the incubators, as i don’t have one yet and i can’t really go hunting for time being. But i have to wonder…why suchotator?


Yes and who’s to say there isn’t another Halloween week next week… you know when it is actually Halloween???

Wow. Even I voted for irritator

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