The community wants know what is being done with spoofers and cheaters


I hope this is answered in haste, before we continue.

There are many spoofers and cheaters, hacked APK and even iOS versions. This is disheartening and the only really multiplayer aspect is battling, which, when looking at the top 50, there are only a few players that don’t have level 25 Uniques etc.

I know it is easy to counter some of these Dinos, but Pokemon Go fell apart because they just looked the other way, while their older game Ingress will instaban a spoofer in minutes of detection.

What actions are you taking? I am not asking to make the methodology public, quite the opposite, but I want the assurance that it is your top priority.

I can speak for a large player base in saying we would rather not have exploits before we have events.




most of these are either bots created for players who are from the beta and who are already up in the rank 6 arena there are bots for all the arenas to help balance out when the system can’t find players that match your level. let’s face it the game just came out and most of the Unique dino’s are either hybrids or Dinos that most players don’t have like Baryonx etc.


How can somebody identify a spoofer or a cheater? Did you report your findings to the game developers?

Did you report the hacked APKs to the developers?


Every game like this has cheaters. Pogo has done wonders with dealing with it but there are still plenty of cheaters there. Hopefully they deal with it in some manner to tone it down but at the end of the day, we are just going to have to deal with it like everything else unfortunately. It’s a part of the game and you won’t be able to get it all.


Are cheaters a problem in this game?
Cheaters should surpass me and be in the top ranks beneath the whales which would not affect me much.


Nobody really ever gets in top 50 decently unless lucky vs other players. So 90% of the playerbase will probably never have to deal with the ‘spoofers’ in the top ranks. Im top 200; never had to fight them. Even then its almost impossible: arena 7 hold AI which has 22+ level dinosaurs. If you can’t outplay and have similar levels you will lose and bump out of arena 7 in no time.


PoGO has done nothing.

And I agree with @Lachi cheaters are not that much of a problem in my sense. I’m in the top 100 and I can beat the overleveled bot and it’s fair fight most of the time against players : if they have way more trophies I just don’t encounter them so I don’t bother at all.


I’ve literally done everything from tweeting, facebooking, in game message center, support center, and now this post.

I included links to both streams who were actively cheating both by spoofing and in the arena. I come from Ingress, made by the same team who made PoGo and you can’t spoof 50 feet without perm ban. Same team. Different audience. If Jurassic world was rated G, I would understand the lackluster attempt because their audience is 11 year olds.


Not even close. Go and download Ingress from your favorite sooof app on pc.

You’ll notice the Niantic logo.

Spoof 50 feet.

Wait 5 minutes.

See your account deleted.


Well Tbh, the way the game is made and how the GPS signal works, it wouldn’t implement such a Ban option, you could be travelling in a airplane and just get a instaban for no reason, they would need to lock the GPS signal to the users phone somehow, or else it bans your account, idk


I totally agreed. All cheaters and thus also the spoofers ruin any game. I would appreciate Ludia’s attention on this.


Hey everyone, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We understand that cheaters take the fun away from our players and there’s no place for them in our game, so our team is always trying to implement ways to prevent cheaters.


Yeah send those spoofers back to Pokémon Go, hope you guys find a way to deal with these folk.