The completionist in me groans

But the competitive part of me wont allow it:

Not when we need this so badly:

Our prrrrreeeecioussssss…


I love the allo I’ve got both it and the blue bird up to 18 I’m getting the bird up to 19 then I’ll do the same with the alllo probably a stupid way to do it but I love them both


I feel your pain - my T-Rex is L20 ready to create Trykosaurus but my Ankyntrosaurus is only L16 (and I didn’t want to take it higher). I would far rather put the Ankylosaurus DNA towards Rajakylosaurus but … I want them all. Also want to level up Pyrritator but need is DNA for Magnapyritor and will probably have to drop it from my team as it won’t keep up.

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I think my competitive side is dying out. I went ahead and fused on allo.

10 :grin:


Completionist here too :wave:
This is taking me forever, my Erlikosaurus isn’t even 20lvl yet, all my ankylosaurus dna goes to trykosaurus so not going to get Diorajasaur for ages. My nature is quite competitive but still I am more into collecting dinos so in a way I don’t have same problem than you @wrothgar. Otherwise my indoraptor would be at way higher level :joy:


I am just trying to complete all the non-hybrids and I have fortunately got everything except Brachiosaurus right. I just hope I can get it before the next round of new dinosaurs appears.

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