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The Cosmetics Update Part 1 ( FAN MADE)

The Cosmetics Update Part 1 (FAN MADE)

Whats In Part 1:
Mimigames And Mimigame exclusive DNA
New Tournament Formats
Bug Fixes

Are your creatures look bland? No need to worry cause cosmetics are here! there will be 6 types of cosmetics, Head, Neck, Back, Legs, Tail, And Design.
12 cosmetics will come with this update:

Fedora ( all creatures)
Aviator Hat ( flying creatures only)

Tie ( all creatures)
Electric Wires ( all creatures)

Backpack ( all creatures)
Rock ( all creatures )

Jeans ( all creatures)
Ripped Jeans ( All creatures)
Strapped Weights ( large Creatures only)

Barbed Wire (All Creatures)
Fuzzy Fur ( All creatures)

Burned ( all Creatures)

Mimigames and Mimigame exclusive DNA:
Tired of battling, Well try some mimigames

Go Velo Go!
In This mimigame, You are velociraptor running away from a herd of triceratops, jump and slide to avoid obstacles as the game get faster, your score get higher the farther you run and the amount of DNA You get depends on your score and if you interact with the certain creature.
velociraptor DNA
Triceratops DNA
Pteranodon DNA
Diplodocus DNA
iguanadon DNA
Onychonycteris DNA ( mimigame exclusive)
SaberTooth Salmon DNA
(Mimigame Exclusive)

Dive Deep Down
In this mimigame, you are submarine diving down to deep to collect fossils, but each time you complete a level, the next one will be slightly harder until you fail a level, the DNA you get from each fossil is random
All the DNA below is Mimigame exclusive
Mosasaurus DNA
Plesiosaurus DNA
Cnidaria DNA
Tusoteuthis DNA
Icthyosaurus DNA
Coelacanth DNA
Basilosaurus DNA

Deep Side Dive
Pretty much dive deep down but it sideways not up and down
All the DNA below is Mimigame exclusive
Megalodon DNA
Dunkleosteus DNA
Liopleurodon DNA
Leedsichthys DNA
Tylosaurus DNA
Kronosaurus DNA
Helicoprion DNA
Dorudon DNA

New Tournament formats
Bored of current tourney Formats, here are some new ones
Common Only
Common And rare Hybrids
Apex and common
Apex and rares
Fierce only
Cunning only
Resilient only

Bug fixes
Fixed hitboxs
Fixed glitch raid invites

Part 2 Of the cosmetic update (FAN MADE) will come out this month, featuring new creatures and five reworks


Dinosaurs with jeans? And hats? How would Thor wear a hat?


Here you go

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I don’t like the idea of DNA being exclusive of a minigame, also Ludia has already tons of bugs with the game, imagine incorporating others in it, you probably wouldn’t even be able to open it or it would be nearly the size of COD Mobile.
Cosmetics… It’d be cool to have them but tbh they’re not a must

no DNA only raids

So in a way kind of like Pokémon unite

Suggestion: For a minigame, there should be a gaming center in the map, which’s location changes every week. Even for cosmetics, there should be a cosmetic industry, changing location every week. Just like sanctuaries.

Nah, sure it would be cool but it would just make it unnecessary hard for people who can’t reach this new centers on the map

True, cosmetics do make this feel little bit like pokemon

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But it will change every week