The counters too your BIGGEST nightmares

This thread is straight foreward…
Have a creature you absolutly hate too face, or cant seem to defeat cuase you dont have the right teammembers and dont know whats a good counter against it. Ask it here, so people can give you advice too fight against it.
Is Thors new buff a nightmare too face for you and get absolutly team wiped. This thread is for you

My biggest nightmare is refrenantem, everytime i face it, 66% i would lose, 100% would lose if i don’t have skoona/titanoboa


For Ref i dont know a counter. I dont face Ref, so maybe someone else can help?

Any resillient works well agaist her, it just the bleed on SD that makes countering ref hard with resillient.


Andrewtops works against ref. It’s immune to distraction and can cleanse dot. It’s revenge and vulnerability counter will finish of ref. Troodoboa is also a good counter against ref but she needs a lot of health

Something I face alot and find a nightmare too fight is Qeutzorion, always face them from lvl27-30 and a ton of boost. My best counter against it is cera. But any other tips too fight here?

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Ankylos Lux Geminititan and Skoonasaurus

Albertocervia is good to counter quetzorion

Megalotops.i use Ankylomoloch to defeat it

Same, they are always so fast and they have a shield, it’s like a swiss army knife that’s hard to counter

albertocevia is a counter to everything lol

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Skoona, Resillient strike then Rampage if quetz went long invincibility, Rampage . Heck you even could swap in skoona on quetz and win lol

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Is stegod even a counter to Megalotops?

And Gemini or even maxima

It is a GREAT counter

counter for rexy is that new bird hybrid that we got in torment’s

Fukuimimus? Yes thats a good counter. But in pvp Poukandactylus and/or Phorurex are also super great counters

Ref anyone???
Megalotops as well
And of course another Rexy

Thor destroys z Orion

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My nightmare is the entire arena system, so I’ll just go off of raids. Andrewtops and Megalosuchus are my least favorite raids of all time, and though there were strats, neither of them are fun to do AT ALL. Imperato is a close third though because of the whack job that decided that a damaging counter attacker that boosted itself by 10% for every attack needed 75% DISTRACTION RESISTANCE. Just no.