The Craziest 15 Minutes Ever!


I had a 24 hour battle incubator set to open at 11pm tonight. I also had one battle left to get the epic strike event finished. I had a level 12+ Baryonyx. So, at 10:55pm I start the last battle at the epic strike tower and get the the incubator. Open it and BAM…A ton of Baryonyx DNA (cant remember how much) and now instant level 13+ PLUS 300+ DNA for my lvl 15 Postimetrodon…which I never seem to be able to acquire. Before I do anything else, I open up my 24 hour battle incubator and BOOM! A ton more Baryonyx DNA! Now I have a healthy lvl 14 Baryonyx. THEN the Baryonyx outbreak happened! As I’m walking off, 3 popped up fairly close to me at the same time. I got enough DNA off them to now have a level 15 Bary. Wasn’t even thinking about it because of my inability to ever find Baryonyx or Postimeterodon but…Tyrostronix, here I come.


Just caught Bary #4 but was unable to get the screenshot.


lol @ 3 barys in the field


I’m starting to think that Ludia intentionally did this. That is, automatically spawning 3 Barys right next to the Bary themed strike tower just as I completed it, and then one more on the trip home from the outbreak and whatnot. Those were the first Barys I’ve ever seen spawn in the wild. To me they were like unicorns or big foot…urban legend.


Woaaaah! Looks like there were a big party there! :tada::tada::tada: