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The Creature Asset (Full Body) Folder Request (Google Drive)


This might not be a concern to most people but this is mainly a problem for people who make fan art for the game. There are many renders of creatures that have been shown by Ludia on various platforms but are not in the full body render folder. However they have creature profiles on the google drive.
These include Full Body Renders of:

  • Diplodocus
  • Grypolyth
  • Purrolyth
  • Dsungaripterus
  • Sarcorixis
  • Koolasuchus
    There are also many creatures who don’t have renders released yet and from a fan of this game I hope you add renders of the rest of the amazing creatures in this game so people can make more accurate fanart and fanmade hybrids of the game.
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There are a lot of missing assets now.
There are missing full bodies like the ones you said and some like darwinopterus don’t have their full body, their profile and are missing some attacks (like swoop).

It’s kinda bad because I have to extract them all from the game…