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The Creature They Need To Add

When will you add him?

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Rarity: Epic

Health: 5000

Attack: 1750

Speed: 110

Critical chance: 30%

Armor: 15%


Cleansing shattering strike
Fierce Rampage
Definite Devastation
Destructive Rending Counter(50% of max health)

Resistances: Distraction 100%, DOT 100%, Vulnerability 100%

Possible Hybrids: Monolocanthos

Rarity: Unique

Fuse With: Acrocathosaurus and Monolemetrodon

Health: 5500

Attack: 2250

Speed: 128

Critical chance: 20%

Armor: 10%


Cleansing Shattering Strike

Distracting Impact

Definite Devastation

Healing Destructive Rending Counter Attack (Heal 50% of max health, Deal 50% of max health as definite damage.)

Swap in Resilient Rampage

Instant Blockade (new, provides whole team with 100% armor and 100% shields, plus 100% chance to dodge 100% of damage. Deal double damage on next turn.)

Resistances: 100% to DOT, speed decrease, vulnerability, distraction.
75% to Rending damage, Stun, Swap Prevention.
50% to Critical Chance Reduction.

So it is basically unstoppable

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Just stop,this is beyond madness

no, this is the move set compsognathus gets when he is introduced.

Maybe 60% armour and 40% crit with 131 speed?

No Resilient Strike? No thanks :wink:

But it should be true.