The creature you dislike the most

Please no bosses and give reasons why you don’t like this creature
Apexes are allowed but only in playable form not boss form

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I’ll start
I hate Albertocevia and Allodrigues
They are so OP
Also I hate Tarbognathus and Fukuimimus soooo much

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I hate Andrewtops

  1. It’s design is very boring is very OP

Personally, I’m not a fan of Ref lol. I don’t arena much, but when I do that thing is the bane of my entire team. The instant group impact that bleeds and stuns is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. I know there are counters, I just never draw them lol.


Mine is both Phoruso and Phorurex


Megalotops. I just hate facing her in the Arena. Too much dodge, distraction and stun all rolled into one. Shes replaced Dracoceratops as my most hated crearure to face.


Parasauthops (in pvp)
ridiculous swap in dmg and just keeps healing
extremely boring



  1. It has lots of health

2 too much damage

Ovilophosaurus defeated me in campaigns many times

  1. Stupid critical attack

What arena are you in right now? I find it fascinating to see the perspective of people at different levels of the game.

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Oh im on the fallen kingdom im not yet interested to play too much arena and instead play campaigns to get better dinosaurs


mine pvp is Ref… i have no clue how to face it

tourney… Tarbognathus is so OP

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these are the creatures i hate
pvp - nitro thors ( im aviary ) ( if u dont draw srex3 or indot you lose )
legendary tourney - ankylodactylus,fukui and tarbognathus ( they are broken )
non hybrid tourney - diplodocus and wolly rhino ( diplo has no 100% counters in non hybrid format and i hate wolly rhino swap in )
unique tourney only - ardontognathus and srex3 ( i dont even need to explain why )
common tourney - coel and trike g2 ( they are annoying )

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There are several creatures I dislike, either because of name or design or both, but I’ve narrowed it down a list of a little over a handful.

  • Entelolania: I don’t the physical design, and I don’t like how the second Mammoth super hybrid also use the same creature from its first super hybrid.

  • Dodocevia: The third hybrid of Inostrancevia, why? There are two hybrids that came before it, neither of which have a super hybrid, so why did Inos get a third?

  • Any hybrid or super hybrid that combines creatures of the same general group like Suchotator or Edmontoguanodon: Their designs stretch thin as they don’t have a lot of unique physical differences in the designs of their ancestors. Pteraqueztal, Dimo, Gigaspika, and the two pre 2.0 tower super hybrids are exceptions to this rule, but theirs leave a lot to be desired.

  • Spinotahraptor: How dare you stand where Spinoraptor stood?

  • The two Purussaurus hybrids and Indotaurus: Of all the designs and animations to give out of their two ancestors, there were given the Indoraptor frame, really? Neither Purus or the two theropods have long arms to begin with and Indotaurus had no reason to look nothing like the proposed design. Don’t like Purrolyth’s name either.

  • Stegoceras (why is this a Daring?) and Glyptoceras (why is this the large Pachy animation?), Dracorex Gen 2 and Dracoceratops (why are these fierce?), Dracoceratosaurus (uninspired name and large Pachy again), Phorurex and Phorusaura (already don’t like Fierce D-rex 2, don’t like missing Resilient trait either), Diloracherius and Diloranosaurus (bad names, worser design for Cherius, and why aren’t these Determineds) Utarinex, Utasinoraptor, Allosinosaurus, Thordalosaur, and Smilocephalosaurus, (don’t like their names and a lack of a Resilient move inherited) and Dimo, Tupan, Megalosuchus, Grypolyth, Purro and any of the medium theropods, (rather all these be reworked as pure Fierce; don’t have enough of those, excluding Rajakylo and Dio, which would be Heavies), Tany (why is this a Wildcard?), Fuikisaurus (this is a Wildcard but its hybrid is a Determined?), and Dsungaia (shouldn’t this a Heavy with its GF)?.

  • Spinocon, Orion, and Parasauthops: Don’t like their names, but I also think it was a missed opportunity to have these as true Wildcards, though Dilophoboa and Pteraqueztal would have to be made as Determined and Heavy first, respectively.


Coelhaast. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost tournament battles because of this thing. It’s literally an anti-flock flock.

Also Dsungaia. It’s ugly, it sucks, I don’t like, period.

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Mrhino. The shield is annoying

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acro.marsupial lion and andrew need lucky with crits againts diplodocus
panda can beat it but again its mind games so yeah thats why i hate diplod in non hybrid format it has none 100% counters its either rng or mind games

Flocks. Any and all.


Argenteryx. Good design, but such a cancerous playstyle that I actually just can’t with it.


Yep, I absolutely hate Ref and it’s driving me away from the game.

For all the criticism of Parathops and Pho is recent months, Ref is on another level in its ability to kill stuff it shouldn’t, often from just swapping in.

Stupid Distraction is most ridiculous move in the game.


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