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The cretaceous/jurassic hybrids and creatures

The king of the raptors the fusion between the fast pyroraotor and the thickness of a carnotaurus

Carnoraptor facts

The carnoraptor was a big success by doctor wu it was the perfect raptor built for hunting like a raptor and a bite force of a carnotaurus, carnoraptor have been seen hunting with alloraptors they sometimes hunt together to take down the bigger spinotharaotor

Something else is coming
The biggest one


alloraptor already looks like carnoraptor


Spinoraptor ? Giving the players an option between Spinotah and Spinoraptor will not be bad.

And give it a hybrid with Spinosaurus Gen 2, with the Indoraptor Animation.

Oh! You don’t see why? It is a fan favourite in Jurassic World The Game (Carnotaurus and Pyroraptor)