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The cunning new "strategy"

Send out your mediocre uniques to wear down the opponent. Then when you’re down put in your ridiculously boosted Thor. Just make sure that it’s tier 8 everything. Who cares if you lose every match that you don’t get it.



You should have put “new” with quotation marks too


Mega Thor is troublesome, but is pretty counter-able.

Now a mega tryko on the other hand? Nothing strikes fear through my soul than seeing one with more health than my last 2 dinos combined roll in late into the battle.


I thought it was to boost your rat and thor to t8+ in everything and destroy. Lol


The problem is that it’s way easier to have both Thor and Draco at high level together than just a Tryko… And that’s the duo that ruins this game…


I never have a problem with tryko… I have a good tenontorex, and a couple bleeders.

My experience had always been someone would start with magna or erlidom, then bring in Thor second. Now it seems tryko or tenonto start first, then magna or erlidom second, and then finally Thor.


Yeah, of all the “strategies” this one really bugs me - start off with L21-L24 uniques - drag out a few rounds until its 2-2 (or even 2-0 and you’re starting to feel sorry for them) and then boom, stick on a L29/L30 uber-boosted Thor that 9 times out of 10 wins the match. Just throw it on at the start and stop wasting my time! :imp:

Although it is hugely satisfying if you manage to take them down :smiling_imp:


A bleeder would drool at that.

Spyx barely wins if the level difference isn’t too drastic, and Spinota needs to swoop out to kill it and have something else eat a DSR.

Your counter would be taken out by rat after one Thor bite.


I’d rather see this than matches with a boosted rat. Then I could actually kill the Thor.

They start with lvl 21 unique probably indo so it has more chance of not being ratted right away without a single move.

The indo hits my dino… magna, rinex… and then they swap in a boosted lvl 29 t7/t8 rat. Then they have near maxxed boosts on health on the rat. So I can’t kill it with anything not even Thor. Then they swap it out. They bring back the injured dino (indo in this case) to take that “big swap hit” it dies… It was injured anyway so who cares it did its job to get the boosted rat going.

They bring a new dino in and immediately swap to boosted rat again to kill erlidom, spyx etc.

Then you bring in your next dino… dio or zorion. Then they bring a huge lvl 28+ thor out. Take a chomp if it doesn’t kill you… they then swap to a boosted rat even know they could of won with thor.


Sadly this. Its unfortunately not a new strategy at all.

The meta had a really good run a while back, 1.5 maybe? Was so diverse.

I miss it.

The rest of the metas were garbage. Raptor meta. Tank meta. Mimus meta. None were fun. Several lasted for more than 1 patch cycle.

Ludia please - get us back to a true strategy game.


boost meta is the worst. :frowning:

but talking about that strategy… not as bizarre as this one:


boost + team strength matchmaker = Jurassic World Dead


People can complain about Thor but distractions and stuns. Thor has a real counter and can be killed with lower leveled dinos. I’ve done it.

Thor cannot really be killed with a boosted rat at its hip. I get it, people invested… But it’s a common dna legend, should of known. And I think it’s time for a change. The rat needs to go down the toilet.

I’m not playing arena anymore. But I’m waiting for 1.9 here at least.

Matchmaking is the other main issue as seen above in that pic from Andre. People are purposely down grading to move up. Trophy droppers were never this bad.


If he doesn’t get one shotted

To think they redesigned it to stop arena droppers, only for it to have made even more arena droppers present




Arena droppers never actually bothered me, they would either get killed on purpose on there way down or maul you on the way up… Now it’s like fighting all arena droppers every match.


Mega Thor is so incredibly stupid that the crit nerf made little difference for that thing… It still kills you in one or two bites…

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Pretty much this. The matches were over fast. Now everything’s a dragged out slug-fest and it isn’t fun facing the same 8-9 dinos every. Single. Match.