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The Current Legendary Incubators

I was wondering if anyone bought one yet. And, if so, what you got.



So much for so little in return.

Plenty of threads discussing this.


I was just asking if anyone bought one, not that I was going to buy it myself.

They might have caught a few newbs with that trap. Not sure anyone will fess up to it on here.

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Yeah, that’s a lot of hardcash for so little DNA. You might get lucky and get some Legendary DNA for something good but more than likely you’ll get Monolometrodon or something else awful. What they need to do is add other types of DNA in there too, 800 epic, 500 rare, 8000 common, something like that to make it worthwhile.

Just one for pleasure if u want but 4500 cash for coin is more value and worth

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I used my spare cash on one and got 200 pyritator dna…

No I’m kidding. I wouldn’t buy an incubator

rip off. trex also very tempting but waaay to expensive

I did. I might have to take a break from the game soon for busy-ness reasons, so, since I hadn’t paid for any of the cash I had, I decided to give it a try. Got Dracoceratops DNA, which I already have, and it wasn’t even enough to level it up.
I do kinda regret it, and I wouldn’t recommend buying one. I really would have loved to get one of the cool ones that I haven’t been able to fuse yet. If you have the means to go out hunting often, it really isn’t worth it. I don’t, so if I had another 5000 bucks, I would probably still take my chances with the incubator.

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That really sucks, I was thinking about trying for it but not gonna do it after all, just too many dinos I already have and not enough DNA to actually feel good about it.

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Why would I spend anymore money on this game? :laughing:

Ain’t that the truth? I was just wondering if anyone did get it and if they felt what they got was worth it.