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The current state of the game

Is it just me or has the game felt a bit stale this year? Like there hasnt been any huge update that has impacted the game this year imo. I feel like we need smth that changes things up a bit.


So far I’d be thrilled even if they gave us unlock events for creatures not in rotation such as the Commons, Rares, Super Rares, Regular Legendaries etc.

I have a feeling we might get Pyroraptor next week (Dimetrocarnus), I must say I’d be quite disappointing if it’s not.


Yea me too the unlocks are getting repetitive atleast for me since i have every creature in the rotation unlocked by now. There hasnt been any big feature added to the game like the bosses and modded battles in a long time atleast.


Dont get me wrong im still enjoying the game its just that it feels like there needs to be smth new and original.


How many new Jurassic in just the last few months?

Lots of other small changes here and there with the updates

I wouldn’t be expecting them to drop something that changes the whole game anytime soon… or ever for that matter. It will always be the same game, it is what it is.


Also to add on to pyroraptor, if they put dimetrodon sdna into rotation then what would be the point if no one has pyroraptor unlocked to obtain carnoraptor? This is why I’m pretty much 100 percent certain pyro will have an unlock.

The game has drastically changed since 2015, this years been pretty good for vip players, exclusive buildings (minus the bugs) we’ve also had quite a handful of new creatures released this year aswell so I think this years been pretty good so far


I don’t have pyroraptor unlocked, but the game has given me enough copies to unlock the hybrid and have another L40.

This all before the mass rare hybrids from coins->Jurassic.


But still can’t say no to an unlock which did not come around after the reshuffle.

I am not sure if you mean a year from this post or this calendar year, either way there have been a lot of additions to the game over the last 12 months…

  • I don’t remember when but the second island was added I think just over a year ago.
  • Level cap has been raised from 75/80 to 99
  • Tons of new creatures, in all areas, including Brachiosaurus.
  • Lots of updates to VIP, I don’t remember when Fidelity was added.
  • A new PvP type with the straight Cenozoic.
  • I am sure there are others that I am forgetting.

I feel like the game has had more updates to it in the last year than the two years prior, might be that I have forgotten about the older changes but, I would say that Ludia has done a good job of keeping steady changes coming to the game.