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The Dakotaraptor.. where the heck is it .?

The Dakotaraptor…
it has been days since it was released in the update V2.4 but only 1 person in our alliance has ever seen one fortunately he was able to dart it scoring 174 / 150 managing to create it and placed it in the alliance sanctuary.
But as luck would have it there are a few things actually wrong with this, yes he was lucky enough to get one ( Dakotaraptor ) but the extremely lousy amount of dna that can be extracted from it using your F.I.P.S. = food, interaction, or play puts it in the range of … why even bother trying to get it !.
this is an example of the dna you receive each time you use 1 of your FIPs
FOOD : = 3 DNA pieces INTERACTION : = 2 DNA pieces PLAY : = 3 DNA pieces
are you seriously kidding me with dna strictly limited to those meager amounts it would take the average player nearly 2 weeks or possibly more to finally get enough dna pieces to actually create it.!.
The other bug bear about this new creature is this …
Our alliance members are spread all across the globe from EUROPE, RUSSIA, ENGLAND, IRELAND, ALASKA, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, JAPAN, AFRICA, GREECE, HOLLAND, The NETHERLANDS, SWITZERLAND, GERMANY and many more equally spread across the entire planet but it was an alliance member from MEXICO that was the lucky one to finally get one of these new creatures ( The Dakotaraptor ) and even he has not seen a single one of them since getting that lucky first one days ago.!.
So my question to the game techs and possible some very lucky players that have also managed to get one of them is …>>>>>> WHERE IN THE HECK ARE THEY OR WHERE ARE THEY HIDING.?. <<<<< i can understand if they are either a night creature or a day creature etc but to have a newly released dinosaur in such extremely low numbers so soon after a new update of the game… come on something has to be done to increase the odds of actually finding this new creature surely.?. The picture below is the one our alliance member managed to dart and finally create but it is the only one so far since the games update to V2.4 also considering our alliance is spread out all across the globe but none have been sighted or found except MEXICO is beyond belief !!.

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It’s in Local 2 at night time

You’ll find it in Zone 2 at Night/Dusk/Dawn


Why does every creature need to be obtainable by everyone a day after the patch?
If you want it, go to L2, otherwise wait til L2 comes to you.


I opened a 24 hour incubator this morning and got 369 Dakotaraptor DNA :partying_face: enough to create and take it nearly to 13; I’ll FIP it now so I can unlock the hybrid - wouldn’t have bothered without that boost; once I have that it will just be 2 apexes needed to complete my dinodex.


You have a level 3 sanctuary in the screen.
Do not be surprised you get almost nothing ouf of It.
For sanctuaries to be actually useful you need to work on them first.

I know it’s a LOT of work but even a less active alliance can bring a sanctuary to levels 7-10.
You just need to get your alliance mates to use that one sanctuary mostly.
In the past I was in a less active alliance and we always had a level 7 sanctuary.


It appears in Zone 2 at night, with an Epic Aroma you will have more luck to get it, I did the same day that the new update came out.

Thankfully two of my Alliance members have found her and put her in a sanctuary but I’ve yet to find one in the wild.

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o.k. i get you but what the heck is ** local zone 2 at night** .?
I live in Western Australia and would not have any idea of what you mean by saying * local zone 2 * at any time for any reason.?. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

You’re complaining about Dakotaraptor?
I’ve still not seen a wild ParaLux.


its easier to find an epic in the wild than a legendary, I have never seen a lux either, others have thousands of dna, but at least everyone will have some sort of chance to dark the bio-luminescent beauty this weekend

True, that’ll probably be my only chance of getting its DNA.


We have been lucky got 5 Dakotaraptors in a sanctuary now, mine came from Thursdays epic strike tower, others from random spawns, it’s just luck at the end of the day , I’ve seen 2 lux since they became available, 1 spawned in my kitchen :grinning:, but that was weeks ago,none since sadly.

I darted it at night with a giga… caught 3 of them in a single night include a lux…(without scent)Lol.

I used a couple of epics scents where I thought/what used to be local 2. Total fail on my part, now its a local one so i was getting anky, concave, and sino lol

Only 1 in 8 total hours of L2 at night. and it was from a scent smh

In Dakota?

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I’ve got one from the wolly rhino incubator

Now that would be an exclusive. :laughing:

I still have not seen any in the wild but thanks to my Alliance I’ll complete mine probably tomorrow morning as we have four in sanctuaries now.