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The damage rounding sure is off

Kaprosuchus at lvl 26 is stated in-game to have exactly 980 attack but does 979 instead.

Thanks for reporting this, Detonatress.

@Ned Damage is mostly rounded down, so many times dinos survive attacks with 1hp left. Trex g2 do 2699 damage on Impact instead of 2700. It base damage should be 1800.


Yeah, and rampages round up. My IndoG2 has 2333 damage, rampage is 4667.

This happens with a lot of creatures, like carbonemys/botoceratops. And Allosaurus G2. It is rather annoying though, because as mentioned, enemies winning with 1 health is the most tragic thing ever. It only started happening after 1.10 I think, when they said that damage rounding was improved. Guess not

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Giga too mine is Level 26 and it appears to have a base damage of 900 but in game it does 899.

“improved”. Like they “improved” park spawns and using scents in parks.

The speed rounding is no better. Had a DC faster than my Erlidom because it rounded up a .24 multiplier.