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The Darwins are here

I’ve seen more Darwinopterus today then I have for the week they were supposed to be more active.


That’s awesome! :blush:

As for me, I’m having the worst luck with Darwinopterus today. I have only spotted one and I wasn’t able to get it. :disappointed_relieved:

The only epic flyer I found today was Pteranodon.

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A picture is worth a thousand words…

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I found 1, then my game crashed, then it was gone when I reopened the game :confused:

Oh no! Connection problems are the worst. I had a few of those today when I was trying to find Ouranosaurus.

Thanks, I know about the picture. I was simply saying that a boosted spawn rate for a week didn’t amount to how much I saw in a day.

Is this the chart for daily spawns to repeat every week. I cannot remember ;(

Those are daily migrations yes. Only available on those days

Unless in a event that is running simultaneously obvi

Can someone remind Darwinopterus to fly by my area again before the day is over? :wink:

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I know right? I was feeling that way for Maiasaura. I haven’t seen any of them so far.

Gonna be waiting for maia for a few days :joy:

LOL! Maiasaura was all over the place for me!

Two Wednesday’s and haven’t seen one. Makes me mad that I see so many Darwin but not one Maia.

She wouldn’t leave me alone!

I didn’t search as long as I did today, but last Saturday I think I only found 2-3 Darwinopterus.

I found 4 so far. One while in a car, another right at my house while the other two were near my house but far enough away to not get darted.

Maybe I’ll have better luck next weekend.

Send your luck my way. Lol :sweat_smile:

Same here. Good luck on your mission!