The Dawn of the Arctovasilas Era? A Look at the Top 100 Teams

It’s been over 3 months since I last looked at the Top 100 teams so, with several new top-tier creatures now available, let’s see how things have changed…

Firstly, a caveat. There were three teams that I presumed were ‘experimental’ and unlikely to have reached their high score, so they were ignored and replaced by the next 3 teams on the leaderboard.

The stand-out result is that Phorurex is now on every team, something that last happened in June 2021 with Ceramagnus and we all know how quickly that was made irrelevant (now 8%).

The meta is dominated by a Big 4 of Phorurex, Scorpios Rex G3 , Skoona and Indotaurus which all appear on over 90% of teams. Indotaurus has seen a rapid rise since October as the preferred fierce option as Mortem Rex, by contrast, has been rendered obsolete and now clings on in just ONE team, as does Tenontorex .

The new Parasauthops has taken hold in almost half of teams (49%), perhaps signalling the end of erstwhile arena swap-in darling, Monolorhino , which has dropped to 83% after a year of being on over 90% of teams. Spinoconstrictor has also multiplied rapidly thanks to a big buff and may have helped to eliminate Compsocaulus from the top (down to just 3%).

Grypolyth, for all its limitations and counters, surprisingly still manages to find a spot on to 44% of teams but with fewer tanks around, may struggle for relevance in the coming months.

Whilst Skoona remains a dominant resilient force, the briefly-immortal Testacornibus may be on its last legs, dropping from 93% to 76% and likely to continue falling to make way for its offspring, the new unkillable, high-damage tank, Arctovasilas. Whilst only appearing on 14% of teams currently, we can expect to see this increase substantially as everyone races to unlock it. With a moveset that is quite literally broken (compared to the description text), it will likely become essential for a team to remain in the Top 100, such is its strength.

Last time, I asked if the Apex Era was already over. Well, with Ceramagnus now almost gone, only 2 Hydraboa, 1 Mortem, no Haast Maximus or Refrenantem currently in the top 100, we should ask ‘are apex raids worth the effort?’. The much-maligned Hadros Lux is still proving to be a useful creature though and has actually seen its use increase slightly since October to 24%, and Gorgotrebax numbers have doubled, but neither are likely to feature in the top 8 next time without a big buff.

What do you think will change in the next few months? Will the promised new fierce creatures make an impact? Who will lose out as a result of the rise of the Arctovasilas meta?


How dare you calling my team experimental?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jk, great work as always :+1:

Ps: these experiments are a meta call and working just fine as they are supposed to do :crazy_face:


I’m in library and I fight a lot of apex max level and heavily boosted teams. Sometimes all 4 are apex. Mortem, hadros, cera, and gorgo are the ones I see the most. I fight haast and ref occasionally and never fought the bear. Hydra I’ve been seeing soem but more constrictor. Obviously I’m nowhere near a top 100 and closer to 7-8k haha. So in my area these creatures are still annoying and can wreck me. Of course I don’t use a full meta team. 4 unboosted unique (phoru, skoona, indotaurus, and SR3) and 4 max boosted epics (Rixis, puru, rex, indom g2). So I that’s also part of my problem.


Glad you found it useful. Your team is included in these stats as it wasn’t quite experimental enough to be left out! Yours is the only Megalotops in the top 100, but there are 4 other Coelhaasts and 2 other Enteloceros’


None in the top 100 teams

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Great work!! I recently dropped boa and trebax for pooh and Carl (bear and para).

Have you ever considered factoring in levels as part of your analysis? At rank 63, the only non 30 I consistently see is the bear. I think that should speak to its strength.

Raids really aren’t worth it, just a waste of time at this point


I actually noted down all the Vasilas levels when I did this. 1xlv26, 2x27, 3x28, 4x29, 4x30.
Worth remembering that Cera was on virtually every team even at lv 26 and 27 last year.


I think many creatures in the top 100 like grypo are staying there simply because of boosts, losing out on 15 entire boost tiers isn’t something most people can do so they just keep using grypo I assume, and unlike something like cera, grypo actually does it’s job really well, it’s just that indot outclasses it 99% of time. So I believe it’s not a top priority to be replaced but definitely could be replaced if we had a reshuffle.

This just proves how overly centralized the unique meta is right now, 4 things have above 90% usage and then 4 creatures later it’s almost halved. Phorex especially is very controlling, it’s is nigh required to get anywhere it seems.


Phorurex is the OP creature of the moment. QED


That’s the situation I’m in too. Grypo will be out once we get a fierce that, hopefully, will counter Vasilas effectively

Grypo does quite a number on skoona and deer (and lux if it’s faster). Bear too. And can out some dmg on spinocon.

It gives my team a hard enough time.

Especially when rng hates me

Happiness achieved

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I always enjoy this analysis; thanks for this! It really is boring right now in shores, with most teams being carbon copies of each other. Because there are so few creatures in use, everyone knows all the tricks, so battles play out pretty predictably.

Also, I’ve seen quite a few people on the forums saying the bear being OP isn’t a problem because it’s not on many teams yet… but at this rate, it won’t be long til it’s driving everyone nuts even in lower arenas just like old magnus did.


Update is coming next week. How long the bear is gonna be king when we have AlbertoS and Bumpy-Lux in the horizon is gonna be a sight like for say AlbertoS ends up being a direct counter to Vasilas with extra things to deal with cunnings like Scorp

Thanks a lot for sharing this! As usual, it is very interesting to see it.

It’s just a shame that Ludia never looks at topics like this to balance PVP. Having 4 creatures in more than 90% of the teams clearly shows that there is an issue. And the 100% for Phorurex anyhow is self-explanatory.
But looking at the Q1 teaser it seems like no balancing will happen at all. We only will see new OP creatures to counter the existing ones. And this then will make already useless creatures even more obsolete.


Whatever happened to ludia saying they would do rebalancing every other update? I’m pretty positive that was on release notes sometime last year but it never actually happened besides maybe one rotation of updates.


I can’t find the actual update where it was initially stated but this is release notes 2.4 where it said it was stated in a previous update.

Not that I’ll ever be in the top 100 to make a difference, but i plainly refuse to use Phorurex, just like I refused to use any other type of rat in the past. In my opinion it’s such a nuisance that ruins the experience to such an extent that I don’t want to contribute.


That’s even worse.

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