The Dawn of the Arctovasilas Era? A Look at the Top 100 Teams

I know it works for you, but it ruins the experience for many. That’s the reason why I refuse to use any rat.
Can’t wait for that well deserved nerf…

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I’m sure Ludia are well-aware of the use rates of creatures, but a balanced arena doesn’t encourage spending/activity. Why bother working on Vasilas if it performs as well as, say, Indoraptor? There has to be an evolving meta to encourage players to work on new creatures.

It’s just about finding the right rate of meta change. Personally, I think this has been too rapid recently for most players to keep up, particularly when combined with no boost reset. People are losing the confidence to build new meta creatures as they are being powercrept faster than ever and fuseable apexes mean taking a unique past 26 is risky.

I hope there’s a period after the boost token update to allow the arena to settle and for Ludia to focus on other aspects of the game rather than introducing new creatures.

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Phorurex also would be broken without the swap-in damage. The real problem comes from its moveset combined with stunning obstruction. So its not your typical “rat problem”.


Nope, it’s worse :slight_smile:

Do fully agree on it. And my previous post might have been a bit exaggerated. Clearly I do understand the reason why Ludia is doing what they are doing (or not doing, in this case).

But l feel like this is the wrong direction for the game. More and more end-game players do lose interest in PVP.

And of course new creatures should be strong - Otherwise, as you rightly said, nobody would even try to get them.
But do they really need to be as strong as they are? Do they need to be as broken as, for example, Phorurex, Skoona or Indotaurus?

Personally I think that players still would try to level and boost new creatures if they are as strong as Monorhino, Spino, Grypo or Hadros. Very strong but not broken.


what comobo you mean?

Yes, I agree that new creatures don’t need to be as strong as they have been recently. The power creep has been too quick in my opinion.

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oooh i see, thanks :slight_smile: i do that with dodocevia :sparkling_heart: :dodo:

GG just now. I knew it was you as soon as your megalotops came out. Your Coelhaast survived with about 26 hp at the end to give you the win! Sums up this season for me. :laughing: