The day Stiffeno was jumped!

Hi all, I just wanted to mention something that happened to me today involving a known trouble making gang (according to the Police I spoke to after).

Well I was leaving the local shopping centre and hopped on my bus to head home, when 6 of the apparent local “knowns” walked onto the bus and ALL ignored the driver and refused to pay (apparently they do this ALL the time), well the driver yelled out to them to pay and that the bus wasn’t moving an inch until they either paid or got off.
Anyway after a few minutes I looked back from my seat and told them again what the driver said about not moving the bus (at this time the driver was on the radio to security)! Well basically they told me where to go in yelled at me in words that if mentioned would probably get me life in the ELECTRIC CHAIR haha!
I turned back around and gave them the British “two fingers up” motion when one of them yelled at me, stood up and started walking down towards me!
Not wanting to be trapped in a seat if attacked I jumped out of the seat and faced him, at which point he yelled some more and then sat back down.

The driver sat there for another few minutes before I heard them get up out of their seats (all of them) probably realising they were NOT getting a free ride!
I turned in my seat so my back was to the window in case I was blind sided and punched in the side of the head (this never happened), however as they walked past each and EVERY ONE OF THEM, screamed in my face and even started making animal like growls! (As if they didnt already look like dogs lol).

Not wanting them to get the better of them I jumped off the bus and told them all where to go (probably not thew wisest idea in retrospect lol).
One of the bigger ones turned around and said something along the lines of “Come on them lets go” and started to walk at me.
At the time I had my laptop bag slung over me so turn around and got back on the bus and took my bag off, at which point the one that approached me called me a coward out something like that. I got back off the bus as he was walking at me and he puts his fits up and started trying to get in close, I too put my arms up to protect from possible punches.
He swings at my head but hits my arms instead, tries again and misses. He then grabs me and forces me backwards and my back hits the side of the bus and I trip over (he was a very solid guy and im 6"1 and around 100 kilo myself so its no easy task lol), but in my defence I kinda fell rather than being over powered.

At this point im on the ground and he is on top of me having both fallen over, I smashed my elbow on the ground which has left a painful bruise in the area.
at this point im in an EXTREMELY vulnerable position being on my back like that, not to mention his mates weren’t far away! So I started kicking as hard as I could at him (got him in the face im pretty sure), and as he was coming back down at me having gotten up faster I lifted up my legs and forced my feet against his chest and sent him flying off me!

at this point one of his mates came down towards me but I didnt feel him hit me in any way, they then both quickly walked off.

I got up as they were jogging off through the shopping centre and yelled out that they were “Real tough with a bunch of mates to back them up” and that they were “cowards”. I continued yelled stuff as they got further away and one moderately loud said “Come up here then” (Yeah mate im thinking, coz if I whoop you in a fight your 5 other mates are totally going to stand there and not all attack me - ive got guts but im not an idiot!) at which point I got back on the bus (the driver didnt leave this whole time as he was radioing in help).
The driver said to me that its all on CCTV recording of what they just did and try not to worry.

I then go to take out my new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge I got 1 week ago to play some JWA on the bus ride home…then it hit me…my phone was GONE! I now knew what the other friend was doing when he “didnt hit me”, he was stealing my phone from my pocket!

I quickly told the driver to stop the bus they have my phone, he let me off, I ran back and checked on the floor but couldn’t find it. at this point I was feeling sick to my stomach!
I ran up to one of the shopping centre cleaners and asked her to radio on security coz they robbed me while I was on the ground without me knowing.
She pointed behind me and several large shopping centre security guards were walking towards me, and said “Did you just lose a phone?”, I said “YES I was just jumped and robbed!”.
security asked me what the pin code was to unlock it, I told him and he confirmed YES it was MY phone woot haha!

The security guards managed to whip out their phone as the gang was running and caught their faces, but it didnt matter because they were known BY NAME to the security. apparently they are always hanging around bothering people (wonderful, im around often also -_-).
Some 4 Bike police were also in the area and where called over by the security who were safely all escorting me to the police station!

Well now I just gotta wait to see what the cops do after they check the security footage.

But I always believed in Karma, you do bad and you have bad things happen to you! You do good and good things will happen.
Well get THIS! Since I missed my bus (could possibly think why haha) I decided to go to the bank and get some cash (I never carry cash, and this is a perfect example of why) and then was going to buy a movie from JBHiFi.
Well I was waiting behind tis lady at the ATM and when she was finished she walked off, when I got to the machine I noticed she had left $100 in $50 notes in the ATM, so I quickly called her back and told her she forgot her money, she then thanked me and said she got distracted putting her card away ^_^!

In retrospect:
I kind of wish I had just ignored them, because now im kind of worried that if I see them again its going to be on for young and old, and while im not gutless I also cannot fight off 5-6 youths ON MY OWN!).

Injuries Lift:

  1. Extremely slight graze on pinky finger
  2. Sore elbow

That is all LOL


Oh and its funny that less than 48 hours ago I posted a video about safety while playing JWA and how to avoid gangs.

Its like I knew something bad was going to happen!


Being a mod on a 2Pac forum, all I have to say is THUG LIFE lol. Great story. Glad you’re alright

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Next time turn on JWA and show them boosted Thor. That will scare them off…lol

Glad your ok.

Guess if the crocs or sharks dont get u the local thugs will.


I forgot to mention HOW the security had my phone.

Apparently when they were taking off and the security were following and recording them on their security phones, the one with my phone put it on the ground and took off. Probably not wanting to get caught with stolen property.

This leads me to believe they try this ALL the time!

And my body is starting to get sore now the adrenaline is wearing off but all the pains are in my arms and my back (I do have arthritis though in my spine) so probably from the fall.

Wanna know something funny? Not only did they not get my phone, and now wanted by police (if they weren’t already as the police knew 100% of them and their group)…but…


Edit: Maybe they tried to log on phone and seen my boosted Thor so dropped it.

Btw phone got no damage at all!


My biggest issue is cops.
I’ll keep my problem. LOL
Glad you’re okay man.

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I’m glad you are okay.

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Let me also explain why I even said anything to a group of clearly trouble makers rather than doing nothing.

I was also pretty small and skinny in school and high school and thus was picked on a lot. While in primary school I was attacked by 10 students and kicked into while I was down, until my best mate, who wa 5"11 and about 90 kilo and YEAR 4, jump in and started to throw them off me.

Next in high school I was constantly being picked on by another student when one day he grabs my pen drops it on the floor, I bend over to pick it up when he punches me. I jumped up and started going CRAZY hitting him and he went down.
After standing up to him I was NEVER AGAIN bullied in school and this kid actually went on to get bullied HIMSELF! After being humiliated in front of everyone (there was a massive crowed formed in a thick circle around us).

Next as a teen my family for about 6 months were tormented by 3 ex mates who used to (edited to remove banned references) hang around and chuck stuff at our house and yell out stuff at us all night! Then leave before police got there.
Well one night when he uncle was visiting (they didnt know he was here, he is a BEAST lol, they knew OF him though) well they chucked a glass bottle at our house one night, me and my uncle went out and they tried to start on us, well we whooped them lol.

They NEVER bothered us again!

so you see each and every time I stayed passive and did nothing, they harassment went on over and over again. Soon as I stood up to them it ended overnight!

Back to today:
as they were walking off I was in a crazed frenzy of screaming at them, everyone in the centre was watching me. Hopefully they now know that if in the future they DO try and start on me, its not going to be a push over.

I told the police that people like that if you let them get away with it, they will know they got the better of you and will walk all over you. Even if you were to lose to them they still know not to mess with that person. Coz remember that they are youths (dunno exact age, high teens id say) people of that age tend to respond to someone they can either respect or fear. If you act like a coward or passive they think they are the boss.

And remember even 3 wolves can take down 1 lion. So them being in a group and starting on people isn’t them being tough because they know if they have backup!

That being said im a non violent person by nature. (Edit) But my actions and yelling probably made them think I was crazy lol

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Exactly. People forget that no matter how big you are now there was a time when you were the littlest guy in the fight.

The lessons learned by getting slapped around stay with us and in some cases compel us to do the right things latter on.

Your story resonates with me obviously.

Btw congrats on doing the right thing and taking the scuffle off the bus.


I wish the bus driver had just called the cops and then drove down to the police station with the thugs and dropped them off. That would be beautiful.
Glad your ok


Something else I forgot to mention, me and my mother are MASSIVE believers in Karma, we have seen it in action soooo many timers in our lives where those who made our family suffer, suffered pretty bad later in life, in some cases even DEATH (disease).

Well get this -
Yesterday while my son was at school I went for a Dino hunt because who wouldn’t? lol, anyway while I was walking around the block I looked down as I was walking past someones house and seen hidden in the grass near their letterbox, their HOUSE KEYS! I picked them up and put in letterbox!
Then what happens today to pay back that good deed? a stolen phone is not only recovered, but its the thieves themselves who put it on the ground and fled (they could have easily fled with it remember).

And for todays deed of calling back the elderly woman who left $100 in an ATM? just went on a night hunt for an hour, I pop my 20min common scent I got from todays toward and what spawns right on top of me outside my house? PROCERATHOMIMUS (aka Angretta - The Angry Birdosaur).
I have literally NEVER seen one spawn before ever!

Good karma!

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That was quite an adventure. In my area, there are people who steal stuff from your pockets. I’ve never been robbed, but thieves kept attempting to rob my dad on the tramway.

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These types of people tend to try and pray on people using their group to back them up, you see if they had not tried to take off when I was kicking at them, and ended up beginning to beat him thats when their mates normally jump in as backup.
Like when I was on my back and started kicking the guy as he was trying to hit me (but failed coz he couldn’t get close enough) thats when one of his friends came at me, think I may have kicked or kicked at him also.

See these groups pray on people because they know 99% of people are either going to not even question their actions, let alone defend themselves when abused and threatened.
The trouble with this lifestyle is what eventually you are going to run into someone like me in that 1% who isn’t going to take their crap no matter how many their are.
Hopefully in the future they will think twice before starting on someone they don’t know, might attack THEM!

Imagine the kind of people these youths are, they go around doing whatever they like, stealing from people, abusing people, doing bus fair evasion with NO fear of the drivers actions, they are use to getting their way unopposed.
THEN one day while their whole group is together they try picking on someone (Edited), they try intimidation by beginning to “Approach” the person like they want a fight - the “victim” jumps out of his seat and shapes up. When that fails they take their seat again and start yelling profanities at him - he turns around and doesn’t hesitate to flip them off. Next they get up and scream in the face of the guy and make animal like growls to try and scare him - he sits there just staring you straight in the eyes and doesn’t flinch.
You give up and leave the bus - he gets OFF THE BUS and starts abusing YOU and your WHOLE CREW! You send your biggest guy in the group to egg him on - he doesn’t back down and puts up his fists to match yours - you try hitting him in the face but he blocks your punches, you then tackle him to the ground so he is vulnerable to try and attack when he is down - he KICKS YOU IN THE FACE and sends you flying off. You grab his phone secretly In a last ditch effort to “put one over him”, he gets up and follows you and calls YOU and your WHOLE GANG, COWARDS to your face.

Yeah im going to assume they haven’t been in this situation before and didnt know what to do! Had they been real thugs they would have had no fear and just attacked again.


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Btw im buying a bumbag tomorrow and wear it under my shirt and have my phone and stuff in that, that way nothing can fall out of my pockets in such a situation!

Around here it’s either 2-3 thugs, or, the least suspicious, a mother and her children. The latter one is harder for people to spot because they try to pull what they pulled on my dad: one of the kids holds a 2L bottle of juice next to the victim’s pocket while the other kid tries to pull out the wallet or phone from the victim’s pocket. This ensures that the other passengers do not alert the victim about the robbery going on. Good thing my dad felt that his wallet was being taken out. And when he turned to rant at the mother, the mother was starting to make a stink about my dad picking on her kids. Freaking thieves …

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Oh im sure the mothers and kids have rehearsed that situation many times! Kid tries to steal wallet and gets caught in the act, your abuse the kid for attempting it and the “defensive” mother gets up in arms to “protect” her babies!

Scumbags! Just imagine how the kids are going to be when they are teenagers or adults. Hopefully someone they start on smacks them in the mouth so they learn that if they are going to start on someone, there is always the chances they will get attacked back.

Like I bet when the youths were first starting on me they never thought it would end with me kicking their biggest mate in the face and chest forcing them to flee and proceed to get abused THEMSELVES! Im sure they are the ones normally doing it!

Now they know how it feels! Im hoping they learned that maybe they shouldn’t do these things now they know there is a risk someone will fight back no matter how many mates they have as backup.

You see what do they do when they are cowards by nature, hiding behind their superior numbers to install fear…and it doesn’t work? the only option is either fight and risk getting hurt or flee! And only ONE of 6 had the guts to try something, and only coz he was their “leader” and bigger than the rest! (Though still smaller than me thankfully) cant imagine how it would have turn out if instead of being 6"1 (6"2.5 in my Nikes) and 100 kilo, if I was 5"6 and 55 kilo!

Yeah actually after the fight when I was talking to the cops I specifically asked if they are dangerous and known for carrying weapons like knives, the cop said that he don’t thinks so but obviously cant be 100% sure!
I do have to return to the asme place every day actually as part of my daily life so cannot avoid it, but I doubt they are going to hang around for a good while after today! I know I wouldn’t if I was them!

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