The De-Mystifying of Ferocity... Hopefully :)

Sorry, my mistake.

Another question. I’ve made some statistical work how big the improvements are from level 10 to 20 to 30 to 40.
Except for Superhybrids they seem to be nearly identical for all creatures, Jurassic, Aquatics and Cenezoic.
Do you already know if all Superhybrids have their own identical figures?
Do you have information how the improvements from
10 to 11
20 to 21
30 to 31
are for them?

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I do not, I do know they do not act like the rest of the creatures in terms of scaling.

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@Ned, I may be overstepping my bounds here, but I’d like to request that this thread be somehow pinned to the top of the forum, or moved to Announcements, or put somewhere where more players can find it more easily.

This thread is probably the most important one in the entire JW:TG forum (or, more properly, the post that starts this thread is the most important). And there are a lot of important posts in the forum. I wish Ferocity and PvE matchmaking were explained (or at least easily available) to every player of this game.

Thank you for considering this request.


Great idea, why not considering to establish some kind of JW encyclopedia or wiki.


That’s also true. I reckon any of us could create a ferocity article on the JW:TG Fandom site if we were willing to take the time and energy to do so.

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Hey, the thread is pinned! Thank you, @Ned!


No problem, @HanSoloWannaBe! Thanks @Jason :wink:


Just a thought, If you create a Indoraptor at Lv1 - the Ferocity is 9072. Does the game measure ferocity based on Lv10 even if you Indo is at Lv1?

Negative. The game will make your PvE opponents based on (we think) the ferocity of your top three creatures in the corresponding arena (e.g., Cenozoic, Jurassic, or Aquatic). So a level 1 Indoraptor counts as a level 1 Indoraptor, not a level 10.


You can take Indoraptor to level 7 and it will be almost identical to the Indominus Rex.
Indoraptor lvl 7: 4536 H, 2363 A = 12,102.1 ferocity
Indominus Rex lvl 40: 5430 H, 2074 A = 12,070.8 ferocity.


I have AT LAST the technology to make a metriphodon.

I know it says above that battles won’t be take at the top of the bracket in which you can level up to, but the actual level itself, but I’m panicking already (several weeks before its possible) to level up past a 20 metriphodon but to keep it under a level 10 Indoraptor. Not done the sums yet but

level 20 metri is at rank 25
level 10 indo is at rank 17
Level 30 metri is at rank 13

I feel like I’m going to let the T-rex out amongst the goats. (That was a JP version of cat amongst the pigeons but not sure it quite worked)

I could do the same with gorgosuchus between levels 30-40

has anyone actually done this?

I do have my aquatics at between evolution levels. But I’m still scared.

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I have not fused my level 20 metraphodons when I do I will track the levels to see where they fall in comparison to the Indoraptor. So far I have not needed to raise the level of them as most of the battles I have they two hit amphibians at level 20. I am about to have my tenth Indoraptor and I will need to start fusing them into level 11’s to make space in the paddock which is when I will most likely start fusing my metraphodons. I have left my Gorgosuchus at level 30 as I do not want the extra cool down time of the level 31, I already don’t like the level 30 cool down time of more than a day.

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I’m a while away from that yet, I’ve got 6 x level 10 indos and they have taken me a long time to get. The most bucks I spend on cool downs is on amphibians so I have been concentrating on them - I fall down on pterosaurs as my highest is 2 x level 40 suchoripterus and I have 1 x level 30 pterodactylus then 2 x level 40 tapejalosaurus so this metriphodon unlock is very welcome.

If I can get a couple at 20 it should fill a gap, but might still mean I have to overcompensate with stronger dinos in other categories. I’ll try a couple of level 20’s first and see how my battles go. I will be able to achieve them but Id like to get to the point where the cool downs aren’t eating all my bucks and I can use the bucks for exciting stuff like speeding up hatching

Then I’ll be living the JP dream…

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For those interested Metriaphodon at level 23 is just below Indoraptor lvl 10.

Metriaphodon lvl 23 3372 H, 3161 A : Ferocity of 13,493.3

Indoraptor lvl 10 Ferocity is 13,608.6

Cool down after battle on the lvl 23 Metriaphodon is 21 hours 30 min.


Since I started to rebuild my armada I’ve got a lvl 30 Segnosuchus, 3 lvl 10 Indoraptors and 2 lvl 20 Metriaphodons.
I am not too happy with these Metriaphodons because they have a weakness in health if it comes to strong opponents in hard events. I am thinking for some time now to level them beyond lvl 20, maybe 23 or 24 but then I would lose one of them.
Furthermore I never kept track what happens to the cooldown between levels.
Does a lvl 21 have the same cooldown as a level 30 or does the cooldown increase level by level? An advantage of my current Metriaphodon lineup is that they only have 13 hours cooldown, more than one day for a lvl 21 would be more than bad.

The level 21 cooldown is going to be shorter than level 30 simply because they are based in part on the health, but the biggest jumps by FAR are from 10 to 11, 20 to 21 and so forth. The cooldowns in between are going to change the most for your meat shields due to their higher health vs. attack.

You can test out what you’ll get at other levels using my spreadsheet, make a copy of it for your personal use and then just copy a row that has the highlighted CD cell that indicates it’s using the estimated calculation and paste your copied row down at the bottom, and then instead of entering level 30 attack and health you can put in the level 21 stats to see what CD you get. Just make sure whatever level you want to use that you are in the right bracket, as the formula is different for each.


I’m getting old, totally forgot that there is a level based formula from Sionsith to answer my question.

Yup… but it’s a bit tricky to figure out so the spreadsheet is a really nice way to automatically have it figured out for you. One of these days I’ll get around to working in a new tab where people can keep track of their personal teams which would allow for entering the current level stats and getting things like the ferocity score and the CD for them (I’m thinking you would have a column to enter in the current level and a selection for the rarity type, which could then be used to figure out the CD). For now, you just have to kind of do it manually.