The 'defeat 10 creatures' incubator

Hi there,

Ik have a little suggestion about the incubator you earn after defeating 10 creatures in the battle area. What if you always have to defeat more and more creatures to earn better incubators?
For example after the first 10 it should be 20 (and you earn a incubator who is a little bit better then the first), after that, you should be defeat 50 creatures. And so on…

What do you guys think?
I think with that improvement, players will be battling more again to earn good incubators. A lot of players are tired the arena now.


With this idea, you would eventually hit a point where you would need to defeat 150, 200 or 250 dinos for an incubator. Then you’re back to square one with people not wanting to battle.


Unless it went Common, Rare, Epic, reset.


I think that is the process. There seem to be 1 to 3 stages in the strike events, and at each stage you get an incubator which them getting progressively better until you’ve beat the Strike Tower.

For example with Pterosaur Strike Gold Tower, you have 10 battles, you get an incubator after 3, another after 5, another after 7, and another at the end culminating at the best incubator for the series.

Are you saying you want them to continue as far as you can in the timeframe that the event is open?

Fair, but they can take these steps smaller then. 10-15-20-25-30. You will stimulate also the active players

It’s nothing to do with the events. it’s the arena battles.

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I’d imagine you’d have to insert a cool down before a reset to stop people from farming them.

Oh, I see. I haven’t fought in the Arena since the update, I forgot about that incubator. My apologies.

Yes, a cool down should be there ofcourse.

Like this idea; an alternative would be get one incubator at the end of the day and its either common, rare or epic depending on whether you get 10, 20 or 30 wins (or whatever value).


I think it should be something like:

Defeat 10 dinos get a common incubator
Maybe an hour cooldown
Defeat 20 dinos get a rare incubator
Maybe a 2 hour cooldown
Defeat 30 dinos get an epic incubator
Maybe an 8 hour cooldown

Some thing like that. Or perhaps have 10, 25, 50 instead. Just something so that you get each incubator over time and then it resets so you fight towards the common one again etc etc etc. Maybe make the cooldowns a bit longer so the incubators aren’t so frequent.


Would that be cumulative or would the count start over after each incubator?

85 dinos beat vs 50 dinos beat.

Count starts over. Don’t want to make things too quick and easy.

what if you had the option at 10 to choose to cash in or keep going? You could theoretically get an Epic with 50 instead of 85… or if you cashed in them all get 3 incubators for 85 fights?

I think it needs to be more simple, just get to 10, common, get 20 more, rare, get 30 more. Over time people will get through them easily enough but it wouldn’t be like everyone getting epic incubators every day, if the cooldowns are long enough.

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I actually like that some thought goes into the battles. They are themed not just random bot battles. After 10 battles I’m good. 20+ would be too much. They have new and different level ones every week so it’s plenty. What you are asking for is a bot only arena. We had that in the early days of JWA and it was aweful. Thanks but no thanks on this one.


We are talking about arena battles and the free incubators you get after killing 10 dinos, we are not talking about strike towers.

Like watching people try to re invent the wheel

I’m fine with the way it is right now, I only battle for incubators and on average I do get some Stygimoloch dna so that’s good enough for me. Making it harder to get the epic dna by forcing us to do more battles where 10 battles now only give common dna isn’t appealing at all.

Oooooohhhhhhhh…:exploding_head::disappointed_relieved:… excellent because I have an opinion on that too! :joy::rofl::joy: