The Definition of False Advertising


False advertising is the use of false, misleading, or unproven information to advertise products to consumers.

Having the image of a dinosaur on an incubator that does not come within the incubator is directly false advertising.

Maybe not do that?


I think that carno is in it, it’s just luck of the draw of the specific group of dinos they mentioned.

For example, the Blue incubator had a picture of Blue on it, however it was titled “defense/shield incubator” (can’t remember) which means it technically wasn’t false advertising since she is apart of the group. It’s annoying, but it’s really just Ludia enticing people with pictures of popular dinosaurs so that you’ll be more likely to buy it.

To sum it up, It’s not technically false advertising unless they guaranteed specific dino DNA that you never received.

(However I could be wrong, idk what really would count as false advertising, this is solely based on my opinion and nothing else).


I bought one of those incubators specifically because I needed 1DNA to make a specific dinosaur (the green one with two spikes, I forget its name) and I didn’t get that dinosaur in that incubator, but I did get carno DNA SO it’s possible to get that one, therefore not false advertising - there’s a chance to get it.


Dude, it isn’t false advertising. As BetaBlue said, it has the picture of the dino that belongs to the group being shown, i.e. the Stunning Dinos. However, it usn’t guaranteed you’ll get the featured dino, as with other games, it’s only a chance you’ll receive it. Now if they said it was 100% guaranteed but you didn’t get it, then yes, that would be false advertising. A lot of these games have the Gatcha mechanic, and it’s all chance. I know, I play Puzzles and Dragons, a Bleach game, and the bigger culprit, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.


False advertising would be like if you’re a business that sats you’re open Mon-Fri from 7am-9pm, but you’re actually not; you’re really closed on a Thursday or something and the info was never updated. Had something like that happen to me.


Must say, you mentioned Puzzle & Dragons, such ad like this will be regard as false ad in P&D.

If you notice P&D gatcha mechanic, they put line up lists for all paid gatcha, clearly mark all items and their probability.
But Ludia just didn’t do anything with these showcase they sold. I strongly suggest they must do the same thing.:thinking:


There are at least 10x Carnotaurus spawning here during evening/night … he’s very common since migration. So I don’t get why people would buy that Incubator because of his picture.

But wow, you got Megalosaurus from it … want that guy!


At least P&D has a better chance though, as I’ve gotten lucky on a few occassions, but I wait for the event ones. I actually haven’t played said games in such a long time, lol! But Brave Exvius is worse. I can’t tell you how many tickets and orbs/gems/whatever they are I forget I wasted to get Noctis and never got him. Though it’s funny how I got Kefka with pure ease when he was released.

I agree though, Ludia should do a chance list instead of having the pure randomness. Maybe they will in the future.


Here’s an example, P&D god featival gotcha line up.


0.60%? That’s an odd rate. Does that mean it’s less than 1%?


Yeah, just like it announced, the probability of that card is lower than 1%.

But all god festival limited cards total probability is higher than 10%. So it won’t be too hard to got at least one of them.

P&D give such clearly line up list for every paid gotcha, I think JWA must do that for every showcase.
EX. Show up a “line up” button in content page, and reveal probability for all items.


Because Japan got a law that Gatcha things like that must be listed whatever. Nintendo’s FE: Heroes got a list with probabilities as well.


Umm…no, these changes are due to App Store Review Guidelines
Apple App Store force every application to reveal the probability of “loot box”. I leave a screenshot here.

So…yes, what Ludia does for their showcases is probably violate this policy.:thinking:

By the way, Japanese government actually give a severe punishment for false ad.
P&D got about 446000 USD fine for a false ad in March 2018.

Ludia please stop making false advertisement!

(source: wikipedia)

Well, there are laws for gacha things. Possible that Apple included a rule like this, too … but doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure Ludia does fulfill Apple’s rule by showing how many Epic DNA/Rare DNA/Total DNA/Coins you get.


This law is a punishment guide for false ad. And wrong odds is just one of them.

But I don’t think only disclose guaranteed DNA amount is appropriate.
Ludia definitely should reveal all item’s probability.


Tbh I have to agree, I think it’s very misleading.


Misleading but not false advertisement, example someone buys a pack of collection cards or card game cards. There might be something of choice on its seal cover but don’t exactly mean your going get it. If you ain’t new and you’ve been here awhile, you should pretty sure have a mentality of odds and chances out these incubators. Lol


Personal opinion, Carn is terrible at the moment.


i opened 6 of the indoraptor incubators a while back. the one with it’s head on the front. out of 6 I got a total of 0 indoraptor DNA. i doubt it was actually in there at all.


Here’s what I said Ludia should do for their showcases.:sweat_smile:
Hope this example could help clearify my opinion.