The Demon Child turns 30

Or, DC as it’s known among fans, or the rat to the haters.


Ew that is disgusting XD

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Next update it will be nerfed.

Hope everyone is happy then!


That’s a great job. A LOT of grinding!

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its not a real accomplishment… its like a reverse accomplishment…

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Maybe I should have made an L30 thor? :thinking:
You hardly see any of those… :face_vomiting:

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Not as much as you might think, I had it up to L25 before they changed its move set. I liked the dumb thing from day 1.

I see!

I did the same.

Levled it up to 20.

After the new rampage I gave away all my DG2 dna. Hope my alliance is happy :smiley:

It was a fun dino from the beginning with swap-in stun + bleed. Cool combo.

I’m disappointed that there’s no demon child, but instead, a rat.

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