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The Devastators is recruiting/ 3 Level 20 sanctuaries/ Tier 8 to Tier 9 in tournaments/ All raids won in house/ ARK alliance

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We currently have two openings. We will be reaching Tier 9 rewards this month. Message titahollis #6053 on discord.

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Hi😃 I can’t seem to message you on discord, my name tag is Alexandra #2820 , I have some questions regarding the alliance

Hi Alexandra, I have messaged you on discord.

I just looked into my discord app but I don’t see your message

I sent you a friend request and message. I’ll try sending again.,

I think you have to accept my request first.

I just sent it to you

The Devastators currently has one opening for an active player, level 10 and above. Come join us and reap the Tier 9 tournament rewards! Reply to this message to join or message me on discord titahollis #6053.

The Devastators is looking for one active player who wants to learn how to raid, how to build a quality squad, and have fun. We welcome level 10 and above. Please respond to this message or message titahollis #6053 on discord.

Hello! I’m interested in joining your alliance. I am level 16 and have a few uniques and am in Aviary.

Excellent! Do you have discord? Can you message me there? My discord name is titahollis #6053. Alternately, you can send me yours.

Yes, I have discord. I’ll send my username to you in a sec.

Here is my username. VineshJaguar #5051. Thank you!

We currently have two openings, level 10 and above. Please message titahollis #6053 on discord or respond to this message.

Any chance i can join you guys? Need some active alliance.

Im lvl 16 and would like to join if you will have me.

Great news! We have spot open in The Devastators! Message me here or on discord to apply. My discord name is titahollis #6053. We are seeking daily active players level 10 and above.

I would like to join my discord tryk0_3004 #4289. we can chat there.

Hi, I’ve sent you a message on discord.