The Devastators is recruiting/ 3 Level 20 sanctuaries/ Tier 8 to Tier 9 in tournaments/ All raids won in house/ ARK alliance

titahollis #6053 on discord

We have some openings, looking for two players.

Still looking for new members? Can I join?

Hello. Im arena 5178. Dinos are 25-29.

I play reg every day doing daily each day.

I do all tournements everytime.

My guilds pretty much falling apart and lacks any real raiding structure.

Do you have any spots still?

Hi, we have spots opening up. What’s your discord name? I will add you.

Can I join without Discord?

Discord is required

Hello! I’m interested in joining your alliance .My level is 16 . My discord I’d is balaji#6244. Please invite me

We are recruiting for the new season. We are specifically looking for players who are active on discord. Message me on discord titahollis #6053.

It’s the beginning of a new season! Join The Devastators and collect Tier 9 rewards in March where the prize is indoT!

1 spot open in The Devastators- join and collect Tier 9 rewards!

Hey, I’ve been a player for two months, reached level 12. Arena Jurassic ruins, 3500+. Dino’s around level 16-21. Looking for a very active alliance that frequently does raids. At a bare minimum, I do my daily ten kills and my ten TO kills. Usually I’m more active than that on a daily basis. I have Discord. Sent you a friend request there. :slight_smile:

Discord name is STNath#8009. In game I’m NathFox.

One more spot, john us!

Excuse me miss, i would like to join please, I’m a returning player (after 2 years) i do have a discord and I’m active

We are at a solid 50 right now.

Alright, can you let me know when there’s a spot free ?

Yes I can, generally when the season is over we start needing people.

Are you still looking?

The Devastators are looking for one player to join us. We offer 4 level 20 sanctuaries, generous dna donations, raid assistance and 9/10 weekly rewards. We will reach Tier 8 in a 4 week tournament and Tier 9 in a 5 week tournament.