The Devastators is recruiting/ 3 Level 20 sanctuaries/ Tier 8 to Tier 9 in tournaments/ All raids won in house/ ARK alliance

Open for two- message titahollis #6053 on discord

It’s a new season- come grow with The Devastators. We are looking for one special player to join our active and friendly alliance. We offer 4 level 20 sanctuaries/ 9-10 in weekly/ tier 8 to tier 9 in tournaments.,

Hey there, i reactivated the Game 1Week ago (after 18Months). I was searching for a new Clan and saw your Thread. Your Clan seems kinda Interesting.

Some Words to me, im from Switzerland and playing the Game since the Start (wirh that Break), i have a Lvl30, 2Lvl 29,28,27 Hybrids.

Would be a Pleasure to join your Clan. Kev

We are a 10/10 alliance with 4 level 20 incubators and slated to reach Tier 9 in tournaments this season. Please join the fun and we will help you grow your team. Message titahollis #6053 on discord.

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Hi, I am interested in joining your alliance. I am level 20 with about 4800 trophies. I do have discord.

p.s. you can say HD for my name for short.

Message me on discord, couldn’t find you.

I sent a friend request.

Still open?level 15 players in avairy,minimum of 8 thousand alliance points

Hey, we have 1 opening for a motivated player who likes to play everyday and is passionate about the game. Message titahollis #6053 on discord. We offer 4 level 20 sanctuaries, raid assistance, 10/10 in weekly incubators, and Tier 8 to Tier 9 in tournaments.

Hey there,

I’m a level 14 currently and am active everyday, clear my dailies, and participate in tournaments to help alliances. I’m pretty laid back and am looking for a good place to go. Would I be a good fit?

Mannerheim27#5270 on discord if a spot is still available!


Hello! Im a level 16 4500 trophies player that plays everyday, and i often get more than 1000 points on skill tournaments. I would like to join if a spot is still available.
My discord is peaches#5846

We are currently looking for one or two players. 4 level 20 sanctuaries. Please message titahollis #6053 on discord.