The different types of stuns

Whenever I face an opponent and use a stunning move It says the opponent is stunned but doesn’t do anything but when any opponent uses their stun moves I have to end my turn. I’m just confused about why the stun isn’t the same on both sides ?image|230x500 imageimage

Did you use your instant charge move?

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Missed turn stun always come from the slowest of the two dinos battling; Missed move stun comes from the faster of the two dinos

This is because a slower dino stunning wouldn’t get any benefit if its stun didn’t carry over to the next turn as the faster dino has already made a move

Edit: I would go so far to say that making your opponent miss their turn is one of the best strategies to learn for the arena. This will either give you a free hit or force a swap (possibly one you can defeat easier).

Sinoceratops is so powerful because you can use both types of stuns depending on the situation.

On the orher hand, faster stuns are great in that they can prevent a big attack or finish off a worn down opponent.

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No, I used stunning impact