The dino clan recruiting

The dino clan is looking for five members. We are a top 100 BOB co-op alliance. We would also be willing to take on a small group that is looking for a more driven, fun alliance.

We are The Dino Clan.

We can offer you:

1.) 10/10 Alliance Rewards
2.) 3/4- L20 Sanctuaries
3.) Rank 8/9 Tournament rewards
4.) We strive to achieve victory for every Alliance family member in ALL raids (Yes, also for Apex raids wink)
5.) Advice, tips, update info, free cash links and strategies for everyone in our alliance. 6.) Consistently places in the top 100 for tournaments.
7.) We have very active members in all timezones (APAC, EU and US) so we can offer you a fun, warm and engaging family 24/7!

We require from you:

1.) Discord use - we are very active on discord across all time zones.
2.) Not to ever place a dino in our Shared Sanctuaries!
3.) Be active: 16 battles a day, DBI, 150 darts average.
4.) Must get at least 10 takedowns EVERY weekend! We enforce a minimum 700 points but aim for minimum 800 points on top of the 1000 for the 10 takedowns.
5.) Minimum of 4600 trophies. Must stay above 4500. 6) 16+ years old

If The Dino Clan sounds like a great HOME for you, please send a DM to
=> DesertSpino #2172 on discord

Hi there I am interested in joining your alliance

Aww man i dont have 4500 trophies I only have 4325 does this also count?