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As we all love to play the game we can say our facts of dinos here


Fact #1: Dinosaurs existed


Факт номер 2: Они вымерли:)

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Fact number 2: They are extinct :slight_smile:

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fact #2 or #3 Pteranodontidaes and aquatics are not dinosaurs #3 or #4 Oculudentavis khaungraae is not a dinosaur


Fact : the name Nothronychus means sloth claw. Because the bones of the dinosaur had been misidentified with the ground sloth Nothrotheriops

  1. Postosuchus was actually bipedal giving it a more dinosaur like appearance
  2. Purrusaurus ate pretty much anything it could get. It’s tooth marks have been found on the shells of the giant turtle stupendemys and on mylodontid gound sloths

Here are 3 T-Rex facts. I don’t know if any of these are obvious or not but I I thought they were interesting.

1: Despite popular depictions of T-Rex having their teeth shown when their mouth is closed, T-Rex had them covered with lips.

2: The theory that T-Rex had feathers has been disproven, and if it did have feathers, they wouldn’t be covering the majority of its body.

3: T-Rex had lots of muscle throughout its body to support its size and power, making T-Rex look quite chubby compared to previous depictions.


Oculudentavis is now classified as a lizard and is no longer considered the smallest dinosaur.



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T. Rex could not roar but would infact make emu noises


We don’t know what sound dinosaurs made. Just because dinosaurs were related to birds doesn’t have to mean they made similar sounds. Even if they had similar sounds we don’t know how a 12 meter long bird would sound like


Another reclassification. New studies say that Ostafrikasaurus is a ceratosaur not a spinosaur. We only have teeth of him and the tooth shape of spinosaurs and ceratosaurs is very similar

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We have fossilized skin of many theropods including t rex that doesn’t have feathers. Plus although yutyrannus has feathers yutyrannus isn’t technically a true tyrannosauroid it’s more related to proceratosaurus

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Troodon is not a valid genus due to only teeth founded

irritator name comes from the word “irritation”, reflecting the feelings of paleontologists who found the skull had been heavily damaged and altered by the collectors

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Dracorex did not exist
There was a creature called Wiwaxia, it lived in the Cambrian, and yes, it is as strange as its name sounds

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Dracorex and Stygimoloch MAY not exist

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Arambourgiania used to be called Titanopteryx before it was found out that the name was preoccupied by a fly

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