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My Fact -deinocherious has the longest claws

No it a turtle!

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Fun fact : the scientific name for Mastodon ( mammut americanum) means mammoth in German

Also carcharadontosaurus doesn’t actually mean shark tooth lizard. Carcharadon the term for great white shark wich carcharadontosaurus was named after means sharp tooth or jagged tooth. So carcharadontosaurus actually means sharp tooth or jagged tooth lizard


Fun fact: the giant Terror Bird Gastornis isn’t actually related to any Terror Bird species (like Phorusrhacos and Kelenken), it closest modern relatives are ducks and other Water Fowles!

So technically Gastornis isn’t a True Terror Bird!


Phorushacoids are part of the passerine family and seriemas are the only living species today


Another fun fact about birds:the closest living relative of the moa(Dinornis) are tinamou, small quail-like birds that roam South America.

Both are from the paleognath family which includes ostriches(Struthionidae), emus and cassowaries(Casuariiformes), rheas(Rheidae), elephant birds(Aepyornis) and surprisingly, kiwis(Aptetygidae).

Here’s a picture of one:

(picture is from e-Bird)

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Apperantly ground sloths or the genus mylodon seem to have been carnivoreus

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Although it is thought juvinile theropods were featherd and lost their feathers as adults it doesn’t quite fit since juviniles are usually born without fur or feathers so since dinosaurs and birds are related they would have started similar

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Another fact : the iconic jp Brachiosaurus is actually giraffatitan since the famous giraffatitan skeleton wich many Brachiosaurus representations were based on was considered to be an African Brachiosaurus