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The Dino rework stats

Anybody else thinks Spinosaurus is underrated in the game.? I think they should improve his stats and make him strong he is one of JP’s fan favorites atleast make him legendary with better stats


JP’s fan favourites,well he is a super rare dino,speaking of the reality,Spinosaurus in the movie was totally Inaccurate, it hunted fish,not theropods,it spent most of its lifetime in water,if you compare it to T Rex,which had better eyesight,was smarter with a larger bite force despite lesser length,T Rex was a clear winner,but in the end of the day,Spino was a aquatic dino,and T Rex was land,they lived 30 million years apart.

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If you are looking from JP angle,then mind you,there was a deleted scene at the end,where instead of the Spinosaurus returning to the island because of fire,Alan Grant was to use his instrument to call Raptors for help,and they would hunt down the Spinosaurus in a pack,but this scene was deleted. I think Klayton Fioriti has made a video on this.

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Well,Suchomimus and Baryonyx are overrated,T Rex is underrated in ludia opinions looking at what they have done to these guys,and then Giganotosaurus should be above. If Spinosaurus is improved,he must get Suchomimus stats,but no more. Suchomimus must get nerfed to Spinosaurus stats and become a Super Rare. They should remove Spinosaurus from Land Dinos and make it an Aquatic if we go with what has been estimated after the discovery of the 3rd fossil and the tail,after the latest discovery,it is believed that Spinosaurus was the first aquatic dinosaur and not a Marine reptile and that they only came to land for switching rivers and laying eggs. They fed on Onchopristis.

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Very true :thinking: