The dinodex app is it okay


There is a third party app. I’m guessing Ludia do not license it. For info on the JWA dino’s. I’m not naming it as that’s clearly against forum rules.

Does Ludia consider this a violation of its TOS?


As long as the app doesn’t do anything to alter the game it is not a violation of the TOS!

Even if the app discusses things that are a violation it isn’t! If I was part of a group that discussed illegal things being in the group and discussing the illegal things in it self is not against the law only actually committing the crimes! IANAL but I’m pretty sure that is a fact!

Several of the forum members admitted to being part of spoofing groups just to read them! That is not a violation of the TOS unless they actually spoof!


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Before anyone asks IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer :joy:


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