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The dinodex challenge (I have a challenge and I will complete it!)

In question, the challenge is that I am going to make a technical sheet of EACH animal that is in, in this topic I will hire it constantly updating


aardonyx the first


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abdalodon the third


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I’m not good at statistics … but at least I try, well, let’s continue

Try downloading the JWA guide. It will help you with that

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thanks @Apple

No problem

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descarga (1)

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I… uhh… I don’t think Abelisaurus should have that much damage

I nerf the attack from 1400 to 1250 but I buff the life from 2100 to 2125 and speed from 121 to 122NERF THIS

That’s still too weak. How about this?

Health: 3750

Damage: 1030

Speed: 106

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Resilient Strike

Long Protection

Passive: Armor Piercing Counter

thanks @Apple

So basically a better Majungasaurus?

What do you mean?

Better attack, very similar Moveset, more speed, more health. Only thing different is the swap in.

Here is my idea:

Albelisaurus, in my opinion, will fit perfectly with the Carnotaurus animation

In fact, if the carnotaurus is an abelisaurid, how could it not look good with that animation?