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The dinodex challenge (I have a challenge and I will complete it!)

Speed is too much. No distraction or evasive moves, so can’t be a wild card. Maybe only 5700 health and 1250 damage?

Needs a strike move. Max base speed is 132, so lower it to around 129-130. Maybe have Cunning Strike, High Pounce, and Dig In?

I was just doing that xd

descarga (8)

That’s a lot of health. Too much health. Maybe 4500?

the next one is abrosaurus and if you ask about his stats, just look for what abrosaurus meansdescarga (9)

It means FRAGILE LIZARD (Sorry for my english im a chilenean)

is SO fragille, check the namedescarga (10)

the nextdescarga (11)

more animalsdescarga (12)

descarga (13)

It’s all for today, tomorrow I’ll continue with this

This one won’t work, needs another move or else it’ll have nothing to do turn 3

needs a no cooldown strike like @anon51255519 said

Some of these need a more damaging move, just strikes won’t get them far, even if it’s just a common.

every creature has a strike I believe, so depending on class like cunning can have evasives or doging impacts and fierces can have a attack buff move or bleed and so on

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My progress on the ''challenge'' , here is my progress

Just a question, why do some people hate Prehistoric Wildlife? Every creature I’ve searched for in that blog has correct information (I search in another pages to confirm if what they say is true).

Most likely, despite the fact that we are in a fandom of prehistoric creatures, possibly they only think about the animals that appear in these games as they are and they do not even want to know the exact information and if they get something that is not things What do they think they get angry, so are they @Chung1580

in a nutshell, they don’t like what they don’t know