The Dinosaur Escape Mechanic Overides VIP Access Benefits


Hi Ludia!

Your friendly JW:A player coming to you again with another feedback thread. This one is a little more serious than the others, as this is a feature that is fueled by real world money.

The problem I am noticing is that the VIP feature +33% range and +33% time on your drone is essentially “undone” by the Dinosaur Escape feature. In many cases when attempting to get Rare, and more commonly with Epic rarity, I find I am loosing out on anywhere between 3 to 5 seconds of time left as the creature escapes, leaving me wondering what the point of investing in VIP is, when I lose that 33% bonus to time.

The most noticeable of the trends is; “the larger the dinosaur, the more occurrence you meet the creature escaped mechanic.” After a certain amount of DNA is collected, the larger dinosaurs dart for the barrier without changing direction and a much greater speed than smaller dinos, even of the same rarity. I can collect Ankylosaurus or Pyroraptor DNA all day without running into the Creature Escape, but a T-Rex will hit it every time.

While I thoroughly understand the need for such a feature, to prevent those who hack with infinite drone battery life from gaining infinite DNA in a single run, it is mitigating the usefulness of VIP. My suggestion would be this, slow down larger dinosaur speed by 33%. This will allow VIP users to collect DNA from their paid benefit and will still allow the anti-cheat mechanic to fire on those who go way above and beyond the intended battery life.

The range aspect does not appear to be affected by this and is a very welcome feature when it’s gross outside and/or in the winter!

Thanks! Looking forward to more content!



If you hit two bullseyes within a short period of time, it turns the dinosaur. Obviously it’s much harder to do that when it moves fast, but it can be done! Members without VIP also have to deal with this, so technically we still have an advantage. Their capture session would end even sooner than those of us with VIP. I understand your frustration with the escapes on rares, but I think that it is designed that way on purpose to make them more difficult to obtain.


It’s not if you bullseye twice, it’s a DNA threshold. I could hit a dino 39 times for 1 DNA each and it would barely have moved from it’s starting position (with my 20 Max DNA per Dart) on a common. Once I hit that 40th DNA, it speeds up, as it should or it would be an easy game.

However, Rare, and especially Epic, have a much tighter DNA threshold AND it speeds up immensely faster than it’s less rare/common counterparts, and in most cases, are larger in size. The “barrier” at which a dino can escape is the same size regardless of the rarity or size of the dino. So mathematically speaking, a larger object going at a faster speed with larger deviations in the DNA circle spot (going from tip of tail to top of head on a Rex for example) is going to yield a quicker escape with less DNA, regardless of any time you have.

The extra time I get for VIP is forfeited. People are paying for 33% more time that they can’t use at rare or higher dinosaurs. If I can turn a Dino like a T-Rex going decently fast, it’s not like it’s making a 90* turn on the spot. It takes a few seconds for it to come about to it’s next path, which can, and has in my case, hit the escape wall even with it turning. Which, as I mentioned previously, has made me encounter escaped dinosaurs with as much as 5 seconds left. 5 seconds is a LOT of DNA lost, even with mediocre hits.


I’m not talking about its speed though, I’m saying that if you keep turning the dinosaur, it keeps it away from the walls. The dinosaurs all have two noises, one is a solid hit noise, the other is more like indirect hit noise. You have to hit the direct hit twice within a few seconds to get it to turn and if you keep turning it, it stays away from the walls. That is why even the wily ones don’t ALWAYS escape. Test my theory, you will see. Yes, the speed up, which makes it harder to hit those direct hits to turn it and keep it away from the walls. Just my opinion and observations here.


Couldn’t agree more… money grabbing bellends


I have tested this haha. The noises do not correlate to a hit type. I have hit a direct multiple times and a non-direct and had the same sounds.

You’re missing the point of the thread. Regardless if I can get the Dino to turn is irrelevant. As a paying customer, we should never lose out on my bonuses under any circumstance. The point of paying for 33% extra time is not so I can do encounters and HOPEFULLY get my extra time.


I would not consider this a money grab. Perhaps just an oversight on the feature to counter cheating. It happens.


No. I have noticed this as well @DarthOnaga. When I was a lower level, I started reaching a point where I was getting close to 200 DNA on every common, so logic would dictate that when I leveled up, then my skill level would be such that my average would get higher, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
I think they do set an Optimum DNA amount per class level and when you start getting close to going over that the dinosaur turns, changes speed like crazy (slow to fast or fast to slow), or suddenly escapes! So, your actual ability to aim better or shoot more quickly helps a bit, but only to a certain extent.
But, I will say both my husband and I play and we each did the recent raptor events - collected 3 Velociraptors at full battery and I have consistently collected enough DNA to create level 8s, but he only collected enough to get them unlocked and to level 6. (Even though a couple of my Velociraptors “escaped”.)
So, you are probably really skilled at DNA collection and while it may be frustrating to you, you are probably still collecting more DNA than your counterparts despite the escaped dinosaurs.


So after a while, VIP is not worth it to higher level players. At least that is what seems to be the implication. I don’t want to deter people from supporting the game, I just don’t want to be paying for something that is overruled by a progression cap.


Well, I wouldn’t say VIP is not worth it, because you still get to shoot at dinosaurs that are out of range for other players.
So, a standard player gets 2 dinosaurs regularly from their house, while a VIP player can shoot at 3-4 on a regular basis.
So, even if they are capping the amount of DNA you can earn per dinosaur encounter, you get more encounters on a regular basis than other players. So, you still come out ahead. Whether that advantage is helpful entirely depends on your playing style. If you are playing at various times throughout the day from a fixed location (home or work) than it would be good. If you specifically set aside time to go by vehicle around your town, then the distance advantage might not be that helpful, because you can drive closer to the target anyway.
Hope that helps! :blush:



This needs to be addressed ASAP. I just had a T-Rex escape BEFORE THE COUNTDOWN EVEN APPEARED. I still had Yellow in my bar. I got 74 DNA from the encounter… should have had MUCH more.


I kind of understand what you’re saying. I’m not saying VIP is useless, but the benefits are not worth $9 or so…

-ECHO :broken_heart:


Okay, I’ve had VIP for three days now, and I finally understand this complaint.

The escaping dinosaur mechanic really does undo the benefit. The turn from direct hits is NOT a guarantee of keeping the animal around, and often times doesn’t even happen at all. All THREE of the Sinos I darted this morning escaped, and they were loaded with direct hits.

I’m 110% in favour of removing or at least outwardly-expanding this mechanic. It will be the single most important reason I quit VIP after this one month.


Yeah, I agree with this, the bigger dinos, regardless of rarity, could use an increase in range since they’re bigger. The Indorapror escaping I don’t care too much about since we don’t need those flooding the arena. A slight increase in the barrier wouldn’t be a bad thing either; I’ve had commons actually get away, lol.


Great screenshots. I hope that the developers see this and see the counter-productivity of this barrier.


Bumping because this is STILL a problem, even as my VIP is running out. Had a T-Rex beeline the wall with minimal evasion after THREE direct hits and three near-direct hits to escape at MID. YELLOW. BATTERY.

A T-rex.

I don’t know why you included an escape mechanic but it has become the single most infuriatingly frustrating thing about the game.

PLEASE eliminate it!


Had the same thing happen with a trex yesterday. I average 76 dna before it would escape but it made it out leaving me 50. Countdown timer hadn’t even started and the visual for the barrier didn’t load. Just all the sudden was gone.


I am effectively canceling VIP until I deem it worth the cost. As of right now, I am donating $9.99/m with little in return.


Hitting the dino to make him turn will not necessarily work. The dino turning is RNG directed, even directions they turn. It’s possible they will zig zag in a general direction and still escape.

4 days ago my wife watched as I hit a T-Rex with 4 consecutive direct hits, and he kept charging straight ahead. and escaped.

Such is RNG.

The only solution is the removal of this mechanic. It serves no purpose.


It is becoming a very common thing now, as a paying member, for dinosaurs to escape on a yellow battery. While I appreciate the ability to be able to grab more dinosaurs from a farther distance, it is ridiculous to pay for extra battery life and have EVENT dinosaurs escape when the battery is still YELLOW. I just lost three Alanqa’s in a row because they escaped while the battery was yellow. That’s lost event chances, which is almost worse than lost encounters in the wild because you only get so many event chances. There needs to be a better balance.