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The Dinosaur Name and Origin Challenge

Sinosuchus: Chinese Crocodile

Correct… Now who’s Gonna figure out spynokylosaurus?

Is it supposed to be “meat dweller”?

Titanoboa just means Titanic Boa. So, it should be meat Boa.

But I think boa actually has a meaning, idk it’s been forever

I got a harder one, “Ceratheris”

can anyone actually tell me what my own name may mean? Spinoconstrictor? that is if there even is an origin meaning thing for it


meat boa would be a translation. Carnotaurus is derived from “carnis” meaning “flesh” and taurus, which means bull. So it should be flesh bull, but translation makes it meat eating bull. So in this case, the answer would be meat boa, as boas are a type of snake that constrict their prey

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I’ll get that for you

Pretty it’s just Spine constrictor


Ok next one: Erlikonychus( Erlikosaurus gen 2 + Nothronychus) Also, if anyone wants to create moves and stats for it, you’re free to

mhm, interesting, thank you

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Erlik’s Snout, make it harder plz

I think that’s wrong, I think u got the meaning of “nychus” wrong

Oops, I read rhynchus lol. Should by Erlik’s claw

Well, ur right

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Since @th3bub14 guessed the last one right, let’s move on.
So next: Troolophodon(Ovilophosaurus+ Troodon)


teeth trunk

That, unfortunately, is wrong