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The Dinosaur Name and Origin Challenge

I’ll close the current one in 12 hours or so, I’ve eat dinner and hit the sack, so, good luck everyone! From next time, I’ll spice it up a bit and let you guys guess the components!

Wounding Crest Tooth


That is right

OK, next one:
Pyromoloch(guess components)

Fire Moloch (Pyro means fire and Moloch is an ancient Middle Eastern god) or King of Fire (Pyro means fire and Moloch means King)

Components are Pyroraptor and Paramoloch/Stigymoloch

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That’s right! To be exact, it’s pyroraptor+ stygimoloch

Since @KingInfernal9 guessed the last one right, lets move on

Answer for Scutotherium will be revealed in 12 hours or so, please get ur answers in!

“Shield beast” or “Shield mammal”.

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@Suchomimid got it right! Next one, Kentrocyon

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“Pointed dog”