The dinosaur update

And they both combine and make

This one is op

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it will work because the it can do one of them as they have a cooldown of 2 and can do one of them always

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Ya it’s possible as 3 moves cool down of 2
Move 1 used
Move 2 used
Move 3 used
Now you can use move 1 again


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And then call the unique ‘Poseidon’ :joy:

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download (11)

Emmmm patagotitan crit is 5

prestosuchus would be more postosuchus silhouette

Is there one

i guess not

you know for boa boa you could have done what ludia and JP/JW did with inodminus rex and Ardentismaxima and Keratoporkus


Fast??? that seems like a minion name…

this is just for fun, but thought would be cool

how has no one added my boi corythosaurus?

how about a hybrid and S-hybrid for my boi? ignore the maiasaura, in the first one it’s supposed to be corythosaurus, and in the second its corthornax.

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Unfortunately, most people tend to forget about hadrosaurs. There wasn’t really anything interesting about them, most of them could barely defend themselves ( Iguanadon was starting to go into a path for more offense, and was one of the first dinos discovered, and yet is a common). They are just lack luster, so they are usually forgotten except as prey for other dinos.

I think they should add a good amount of both the cenizoc and normal dinosaurs per update

You are correct. Hadrosaurs are some of the most defenseless in the dinosaur kingdom. their only defenses would be running and attempting to hit their predators. and what’s with all the regeneration?
I think it’s not really a needed factor.
I get if ludia added Regeneration for the hadrosaurs because, well, they lack, but regeneration simply isn’t sensible. how do you HEAL yourself?
(other then bandaging yourself up and let time handle it}
in the arena, it is based on dinosaurs fighting each other in a short period of time.
anyway, that’s what I have to say about that.

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