The dinosaur you like V2.0

The sequel thread to @Zorion_lover’s thread because nobody posts there anymore,anyways My favorite dinosaur is Thor

Indo, Ardentismaxima and constrictor…


I also like maxima

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Well from my username you can already tell

It’s Enteloceros and Dodocevia lol

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Imperato, evil fluffy, and Orion

I love every Dino on my team, but if I were to pick some, it would be troodoboa and ankylodic

My top 10 favorite creatures in the game:
1: Antarctovenator
2: Troodoboa
3: Albertocevia
4: Andrewtops
5: Stygidaryx
6: Enteloceros
7: Indotaurus
8: Spinoconstrictor
9: Edaphocevia
10: Magnapyritor

If we’re talking real dinosaurs, Carcharodontosaurus and Monolophosaurus are my favorites.

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Albertosaurus, Parasaurolophus Lux and Dilophoboa

My favorite real dinosaur is the Carcharodontosaurus

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Alloraptor is my personal favorite, although if it’s a real Dino, then I would have it go with Dilophosaurus or T-Rex or Concavenator.

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I also like Stygidaryx,Albertocevia and Indotaurus

Ok in game I love Hydraboa, Skoonasaurus, Gorgotrabex, Scorp Gen 3, and Mortem Rex

In real Life I love Giganotosaurus, Trex and Rajasaurus