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The direction of Lovelink

Dont get me wrong I do enjoy the app but there is serious lack of communication and it just seems like everything is done with no plan in place.

If there was a release schedule in place then the readers would have some clue as to what is going on. And by that by now several characters would have their arc finished and it could only lead to having more of the unreleased ones started

I agree it’s a good app; it has a lot of potential to be great. But Ludia doesn’t seem to realise that, and the lack of communication or any real idea of what they want to do with the app are two notable reasons why Lovelink is yet to reach its full potential.

This is quite frustrating. Over half of my matches are “offline” two are over a month offline. With the time and money invested in these characters and storylines, I’m feeling like this is scam-ish. I lost two people yesterday (Marco and Albert) and I just lost Zayn. I’m scared that I’m about to lose Ana.

The only story finished is Antoine/Nina/Noah and the April fools day character every other character is active with breaks to write the story

I’ve got Antoine and it’s starting to feel like the end if what I observed with the others applies. I can logically understand the delay and such but there’s great storylines that are dead right now. Didier, Jade, Tomas, Calum, Gabe, Rory, William, Brett, Clementine, Albert, Marco/Taylor, Dehlia, and Zayn. Thirteen characters!