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The DNA grind


I absolutely love this game, BUT… the grind is becoming too much for a normal player…

Going out for ages to try and collect loads of even common DNA to then get a 10 fuse…
It just seems like all your effort isn’t worth it.

I’ll carry on doing it because I love the game, but it’s starting to become abit tedious… what can be done to change the constant 10 DNA fuses on creatures that take ages to collect DNA for


I think spawn rates are too low. Everytime you spin a supply drop something should spawn.

Not saying I’d complain if min dna became 20 when mixing. But it’s the vast empty space with barely a rat or pigeon to shoot at that bores me.


I agree. I won’t do that anymore. You need to dart hundreds and hundreds of dinosaurs to level a hybrid once. I’ve got other things to do. Not sure if I’m continuing playing for long…


I’d kinda like to get random DNA from spinning too, not just dinos.


And don’t think for one second spending money on incubators is the answer, because you may not always get what you wanted! Explains how I ended up with truck loads of gen 2 DNAs which I don’t need…


this is always the case in pay to win games. On sorry slip of tongue… play for free games. After a certain level it will become a hard grind to keep play for free players from hitting endgame fast. And with launch of new dinos every few months endgame will be pushed further and further from free players