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The Dragon Riders (9-10 ⭐ alphas)

The Dragon Riders are looking for more members!

Firstly a short clan introduction; Everyone is expected to use all their 6 daily attacks on alphas we plan to beat - and save 3 energy for the next day if we’re against an alpha we do not plan on beating. Your average score from the last 5 alphas we plan to beat is considered your ‘clan activity’ and I actively monitor this and replace people based on this score.

Clan BP distribution as of 4/9:

What we’re looking for is someone who;

  1. Has consistent activity. With how strong the alphas have become, daily activity is a must - otherwise, we cannot keep beating the high star alphas.
  2. Has a strong team. Absolute minimum BP is 5500, but over 6000 is strongly preferred - this is for your rainbow team, aka no duplicate colors. The majority of our members currently have over 6000 BP. If your team is weaker than this but you deal a lot of damage we might let you join regardless.
  3. Will join our Discord server. I would really like us to get to know each other a bit more than just “we’re in the same clan” so, therefore, it is required that you join our Discord server. This is also to make it easier to announce things and just communicating in general.

If this seems like a clan you’d like to join please reply to this forum with your main team and screenshots of your alpha damage and I’ll get back to you in a DM as soon as I see it (I do check the forums pretty regularly).

If you have any questions feel free to ask either in a post in this thread or you can send me a DM

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Looking for 1-2 members to join us! :sunny:

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Still looking for 1-2 new members!

Found someone to fill our vacant spot, but if anyone else out there is interested in joining please let me know and I’ll see if I can make room for ya :sunny:

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Same as yesterday really, but you never know when someone might stop by the forums who’d be interested in joining :sunny:

Looking for 1 member to join us! :sunny:

Still on the lookout for a new member to join us! :sunny:

Bumping again! Still looking for 1 player to come join us! :sunny:

Potentially still looking for one new member to join us!

One of our current members seems to have gone inactive so we’re looking for a replacement!

We’re still one member short and actively looking for a replacement! If you’re a bit below our requirements you’re still welcome to apply anyway since little damage is better than no damage! :sunny:

Still looking to fill out our last spot!

Hi Zah,

I have about 6700 BP and can consistently deal at least 150k damage in alpha battles. I play strategically and my viking chest is always on cool-down. Getting the 5-star skullcrusher in 2 weeks. Please let me know if I’m qualified to join. Would love to chat more.


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We’re full again now, but one of our members isn’t performing quite as well as I’d like so if anyone else could be interested in joining please let me know! :sunny:

Still on the lookout for new members!

What your Alpha level now ?

9 and 10 stars still.

Any free slot there brother?

Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting in this thread haha