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The Dragon Riders are looking for active members! (9-10 star Alphas)

August 11

You can see our clan requirements in the first post of this thread.

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August 11
I want to join in your clan what are the requirements my team was 5800
power my id is goben#9592 please send me invite

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Leader I am already send my roster please sent invite to me my id is goben#9592

Bump bump. We are now seeing 10 stars regularly!

Currently looking for 1 player to join us!

Still looking :eyes:

Need 1 player still :sunny:

Hi, if you’re still taking in new members I would love to join the clan. I have 5,100+ BP and am still improving different team setups, including several 5-star dragons. I am a daily player and am active several times in a day. I also attack the Alpha boss as soon as it starts and participate in everything.

Still looking for one player to join us!

I am interested in your Clan.

I am active on hitting Alphas.

Stiiiill looking!

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As one of our clan members unfortunately has lost interest in the game we’re looking for someone to take their spot :sunny:

Please send invite

You have a really bad rep dude, sorry, but I’m not going to let you join. I’ve seen you lie about your team strength multiple times and according to a previous clan you were in you had a tendency to go inactive. That’s not what I’m looking for in a clan member.

Looking for 1-2 new members! :sunny:

May I join

@Benjamin_Raja your reputation precedes you.
Best regards from The Dragon Riders.

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Let me know if you still have any openings. I just left my old clan due to the frustration of players not being consistently active and also because I am in search of a knowledgable community. I am looking for a group that has data on preferred dragons, best team mix, best situational teams, reviews of new dragons, etc.

I meet your requirements:
6,961 BP
Avg. around 150k on alphas w/ 6 charges
Active player/ every day
Have discord

Potentially looking for 1-2 new players!

please let me know when you have opening.
I’m at 6610, and very active