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The Dragon Riders - Looking for competitive players to fight 7 star alphas! (80-100k daily damage)

Hey there everyone, thank you for your interest!

Until now I’ve mostly been lurking here on the forums and recruiting people as they announced they were searching for a clan, but now that BP actually starts to matter more as we are getting to a point where the Alphas are strong enough to stay alive for more than half an hour, I thought it’d be a good time to make a proper recruitment post to get a better feel for who’s out there that might be interested in joining :star:

Currently, the majority of the clan’s members are above 4500 BP with some of us (myself included) above 5500 BP. Our clan’s average BP is over 5000 - close to 5100.

Like I mentioned above we’ve so far been beating the Alphas pretty quickly and are currently beating 6 stars back to back. We have also beaten a 7 star and are now working towards beating those back to back as well!

What I’m looking for from you is:

  • 1) A strong team. Minimum would be 4500 - but higher is strongly preferred. And preferably of dragons above 3 star (so of 4 and 5 stars). We do not have a set BP minimum, at the moment, but I will continuously push for stronger and stronger teams. So if you’re at 4500 BP now but all your dragons are maxed out, you’re likely to be one of the first people to be replaced once it’s time to move to a higher BP minimum. Does that make sense? I hope so :joy:

  • 2) Consistent activity. With how strong the alphas have become, daily activity is a must - otherwise, we cannot keep beating the high star alphas. To beat a 7 star alpha everyone is required to deal 100k damage each.

  • 3) That you join our Discord server. I would really like us to get to know each other a bit more than just “we’re in the same clan” so, therefore, it is required that you join our Discord server. This is also to make it easier to announce things and just communicating in general. The in game chat isn’t really ideal.

If this seems like a clan you’d like to join please reply to this forum with your main team and I’ll get back to you in a DM as soon as I see it (I do check the forums pretty regularly). If you have any questions feel free to ask either in a post in this thread or you can send me a DM :dizzy:

I’m looking for a strong and active team.

I sent you a DM. Please note that you shouldn’t share your support key with anyone so you should probably remove the image!

We cleared the first 5 star alpha just fine, but I’d still like to bolster our strength!

Here’s my account. Level 30 with nearly 4500 stones. To buy dragons. You can add me on discord if you’ll accept.

After our grand win over the 6 star alpha, we’re taking a moment to catch our breath and recharge our energy to be ready for the next challenge. If anyone could be interested in helping us take on 6 star alphas and above now’s the time!

Still looking for more people :smiley:

Been a while since I’ve done any recruiting here. We aren’t really looking for new members at the moment, but if you can deal 80-100k damage to a 6 star alpha and you’re looking for a strong clan to join, send me a DM and I might have a spot for you after all :wink:

To give you an idea of where we’re at;
We’re currently beating all the 6 stars we come across (expect for Bewilderbeast cause he’s a buggy mess) and are planning to take on the first 7 star that we get next week. Our highest BP atm is 5.7k, and our clan average BP is just above 5k.

First 7 star went down pretty smoothly last Sunday. If you’d like to help us take down the next lemme know :eyes:

One of our members seems to have gone inactive so I am looking for a replacement ASAP!

need 2 slots for 4.5k and 6.2k

I have sent you a PM.

not sure why i didnt receive any. please invite BunnieKenny #3722 and BunnieGrace#9580

I sent both of you a DM.

Looking for 1-2 people to join!

Id like to join. I’m at 4805 currently. Appreciate it. Jamo956#2075

Still looking for 1-2 new members!

I’m looking for a stronger clan because half of mine can’t even do 70K and we can’t beat a 7*. I’m level 37 and my highest BP is currently 5562, this is the highest damage i’ve done to an alpha:


Just out of curiosity, at what hour and timezone does your alpha spawn? I heard they can spawn at different times for different clans and i want to know if it’s advantageous for me to switch clans.

All.alphas spawn at the same time

Looking for one more person to join us! :smiley: